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Things you did with your pfb that you will --miss-- chuckle at this time around.

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BrereRabbit Wed 03-Dec-14 20:59:16

Just that really. As this pregnancy is getting closer to D day Im starting to think about all of the things I went overboard with was adamant about doing the first time around that I'll just be having a quiet chuckle to myself this time. Secretly wishing I had the time.

Rearranging PFBs clothes in his dresser on an almost nightly basis before the big event.

Being obsessed with taking him for a long walk somewhere "new and different for him" every single day, Starting from the first day I got him home.

Ironing muslin cloths grin

mammycampbell Wed 03-Dec-14 21:55:04

oh yes, Brere, i'll bite. 2 weeks to go till I am due with DS2 and def feeling some guilt that i haven't made as much effort for his welcome... as well as realising just how ridiculously i over did it last time.

things i had done by now for DS1:
- daily rearranging of tiny blue Jojo outfits
- at least whole folder on my iphone worth of photos of clothes / teddies / nursery / bump at various stages / last day at work / hospital bag itself (!)
- researched to death and bought two brand new slings for him
- made bunting with his name on it from our best blue velvet curtains
- installed and made several adjustments to mirrors in the back of my car so that i could view all angles of the car seat from my rearview
- tested several positions of cosleeper cot, bed& bedside table to find optimum comfort/safety/reaching of nighttime snack & kindle arrangement
- had identical 'changing stations' set up both upstairs and down

what i have done so far for DS2 arrival:
- washed & folded all of DS1 clothes up to 6 months
- brought the cosleeper cot and baby car seat out of the cellar

I do miss having all that time on my hands. I would most definitely use it for sleeping instead this time round. and flagrantly leaving the house at short notice without checking anyone else's schedule or having any idea when i might be back...

good luck for D Day, it's supposed to be much easier 2nd time round, right!? X

BrereRabbit Wed 03-Dec-14 22:39:55

Oooh you've got me feeling guilty now mammycampbell.

I did the bunting thing last time too. Spent what must have been about three weeks agonising over fabrics to use so I got it "just right". I can remember the amount of sample swatches I ordered online. Easily 30 or more. Cringe!!

And all of the bump pictures! I haven't taken one yet so far, I forget I'm pregnant half the time.

And yep the moses basket had been tested in various different positions around the bedroom, Hospital bag was repacked all the time.
So far for this baby, I have a storage box with some clothes and muslins in. And my breast pump ready. Nothing else sorted yet. So sad!

TheBooMonster Wed 03-Dec-14 23:29:16

lol, I think I might be more organised this time round, is that awful?

Last time we had a few unisex outfits in 0-3 and 3-6 months, we bought a crib and bedding for it (unisex) and it was half way across the country when DD came a month early. We bought the travel system, and we bought some toys and my body weight in muslins and newborn nappies. that is about it, but I was so convinced that I still had forever to go.

This time round we already have everything out of storage, i just need to go through it all. I'm taking weekly bump pictures. I'm making a whole set of documents up for DH with my birth plan, information on the stages of labour (with plenty of reminders that it isn't quick) my hospital bag contents and roughly where to find it all in the house, and a shopping list of bits I need to replace.

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