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Any suggestions for back pain?

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SPackwood80 Wed 03-Dec-14 20:19:16

Hi I suffer with back problems normally (pre pregnancy) and have a slipped disc. I came off my pain meds as soon as I found out I was pregnant but my back is getting really difficult to put up with.
Does anyone know of anything that is safe to use / do whilst pregnant that could help?

Thanks in advance xx

espa Wed 03-Dec-14 20:48:05

I also have a slipped disc (had it for 2 years) and now 37 weeks. I've not found anything to help. At times it's been no worse than normal, but in these latter stages the sciatic pain has got an awful lot worse and my whole outer thigh is completely numb which I'd never had pre pg (had the usual numb foot, pins and needles etc).

If you were already on pain medication have the docs told you to stop it? I wasn't on anything before I got pregnant other than some failed steroid injections as docs are of opinion it should heal itself within 12 months (but yet here I am).

Have you tried chiro/osteopath? Think I'm going to give that a go once I'm recovered from birth.

Sorry can't be more helpful!

livelablove Wed 03-Dec-14 20:55:15

Heat or cold pack may help? If you do find it helpful you can buy those stick on patches (sticks on your underwear) that give heat for 12 hrs in chemists and sometimes in supermarkets, poundland etc.

espa Wed 03-Dec-14 21:02:14

I don't think the heat packs are recommended in pregnancy.

livelablove Wed 03-Dec-14 22:10:03

Hadn't heard this before so I googled it. I think most sites say a local heat pad is ok as long as not applied to the abdomen. The main concern seems to be raising your core body temperature which is risky for the baby, however most say the local heat pad should be safe. Maybe it would be better not to use the 12 hour pads though and stick to a normal hottie such as a microwave wheat bag. Ice packs can also be helpful, especially if there is inflammation.

SPackwood80 Wed 03-Dec-14 22:18:19

Thanks all.

I had an epidural for pain relief eier in the year and had been on Tramadol until pg. So I've had extensive physio in the past 2 years.

I think I'll give pregnancy yoga a try and get back into swimming.

The only thing is there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to ease it when it really flairs up (like tonight).

BrereRabbit Wed 03-Dec-14 22:32:32

Only really heat packs to the back and physio physio physio. Swimming really really helps take the weight off and especially if you have aquanatal classes you can get to. And yes to yoga too. Antigravity yoga postnatally is just bliss.

Just a word of warning though I had bad back problems pre pregnancy too and just to remind you to be really careful watching out for changes in numbness and sensation. A slipped disc is one thing but worse than that is something to watch out for. Not scaremongering at all, I had cauda equina syndrome before as a result of something else, but It has been known to occur during pregnancy or childbirth in people that have slipped discs and is an awful thing to live with. So please check out red flags and make sure if anything changes dramatically with pain or sensation to get it checked out asap. Its bloody hard with the sciatic pain and the last few weeks are just unbearable but anything to take the weight off will help.

Sitting at night on a birthing ball might be more comfortable and see if you can get a bump support to help with the weight (physio should be able to issue these). In the last few weeks of my last pregnancy I did find TENS helped too. But then they had put me on morphine by that point so I don't know if im being OTT about how effective the TENS was. But I'd give anything safe a go. flowers

teejayem Thu 04-Dec-14 12:32:41

I feel your pain, literally wood80 - I've got a double disc herniation and spondylolisthesis, and prior to getting my bfp had been taking Naproxen, Co-codamol and occasionally tramadol plus having hours of osteopathy and physio for the last couple of years.

I've stopped everything bar the occasional paracetamol, and for the first 10 weeks or so I felt okay, but then I hit 14 weeks and the sciatic pain has returned with a vengeance. I spent most of Sunday night in tears rolling around on a hot water bottle. (overdid it putting up the xmas lights) I'm using a hot wheat back stuffed down the back of my leggings at work (Desk job) and seeing the Osteo once a week. I've been referred back to an ortho consultant who I'll see in Jan, but my god it's just grim in the meantime! Even gentle yoga is making me wince!

livelablove Thu 04-Dec-14 15:27:31

You might like to join in on the back pain support thread

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