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any advice would be appreciated!!

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bobbield88 Wed 03-Dec-14 08:36:03

Hi I'm 7 weeks tomorrow and I feel like all my symptoms have disappeared I found out pretty much straight away and felt 6 for a few weeks but That's it but it seen to have stopped I still have a occasionally twinge in my boobs and down below had no bleeding and I'm slightly more tired I don't know if I'm just been paranoid any body else gone through the same thing xx

supersupersupershock Wed 03-Dec-14 08:55:22

I'm about 8 weeks and had this the other day - just didn't feel pg anymore.... but its all fine. Have you had first mw appt yet?

RoseberryTopping Wed 03-Dec-14 09:07:29

I had next to no symptoms with my 2nd pregnancy, the only thing that had changed was the size of my boobs. Everything was fine though.
Don't panic, relax and think yourself lucky!

Teeste Wed 03-Dec-14 09:13:33

I went through nausea and exhaustion hell from week 5 to week 9, then it all lessened. Occasionally it came and went, but I started feeling a heck of a lot better. My 11+2 week dating scan showed a healthy bean. I know it's so hard not to worry and obsess over everything, believe me, but sometimes you just get lucky with your symptoms and everyone is different.

joeschmoesmum Wed 03-Dec-14 09:29:55

My symptoms came and went ona daily basis from week 5 onwards. One day I was physically sick and could sleep for hours, the next I felt fine (apart from being v scared). I felt like that all the way up to 14 weeks, one day well the next like death warmed up (I lost over 4 kgs from vomiting and lack of appetite).
I think it is perfectly normal and goes with the hormone fluctuations - they go up (you feel crap) then they level for a couple of days, then they go up again, cue more sick...
Good luck with your pg!!
(I am now 32 weeks, btw)

bobbield88 Wed 03-Dec-14 10:41:42

I have my first midwife appointment on the 12th of December will they tell me there If everything is OK xx

blackwidow74 Wed 03-Dec-14 10:51:39

Symptoms will come and go and just when you think you are over it, back to praying to the porcelain gods lol ... so long as there is no pain, cramping or blood then assume everything is going right. I had no symptoms with my boys yet with my girls I was chronic!! Enjoy the feel good moments and try not to stress. Your appointment will roll around in no time but don't expect much more than a lot of form filling and the midwife MAY have a feel of your belly though there isn't much to feel before 12 weeks. She will however book your scans for you so you will have those to look forward to. Unfortunately the first 12 weeks are like living in limbo with not much reassurin checks simply because baby is so tiny. If you are worried to the point you can't relax perhaps look into booking a dating scan with a private clinic ... ultrasound direct can list those in your area and they range from £69-£99 ... but really is your only reassurance since nhs won't scan unless you have a bleed most of the time ... but tomorrow you may wake feeling like the Queen of Sick again lol!

Kungpowkitten76 Wed 03-Dec-14 11:02:04

I am 10 weeks pregnant on Friday and found at at 3 weeks. Up until week 8 I had nausea, headaches, slight cramps in my stomach, tender breasts. Then pretty much nothing except tender breasts and even that is not as bad as it used to be.
As this is my second pregnancy (I has a miscarriage in August at 5 weeks), I have been concerned so called the midwife. It is very common for symptoms to disappear and come back, and the advise I got was to "enjoy feeling normal while it lasts".
I have my 11 week scan next friday, and am sure it will all be ok.
The most important thing is not to stress too much and not to pay too much attention to what books and websites tell you. Every pregnancy is different.

Good luck x

dayspringjubilee Wed 03-Dec-14 14:51:02

Don't bother worrying, OP - usually fine if you're not getting bad cramps or bleeding. I felt a bit paranoid in first trimester bc I had so few symptoms, and my husband wasn't really sure I was pregnant at all until he saw the scan ;) I also had days when even my mild nausea and breast tenderness would disappear, and I seem to remember a few days of that around week 8. Some of my friends have been in and out of hospital with vomiting and now I am so thankful that I had so little suffering! tbh it's hard not to obsess over just "not knowing" what's happening with your baby until week 20 or so when you feel movement most days, but the best thing you can do is relax and enjoy knowing that, right now, you are pregnant!

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