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small gestational sac in comparison to the fetal pole. can anyone shed some light?

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Sarkymare Tue 02-Dec-14 15:11:45


From my LMP I should be 8+2 weeks pregnant. Late ovulation is unlikely due to the timings of my BFP (day before expected period)

I had a scan on Sunday due to brown/red bleeding which started on Thursday. The scan dated me at 6+6 instead of 7+6 like expected. They also noticed that the gestational sac was small in comparison to the fetal pole. They couldn't find the cause of the bleeding but baby had a good heart beat. They said the small sac is nothing at all to worry about and I didn't need to see my MW again until 15weeks. This was not my local hospital. I was staying with family so it was the hospital in my home town.

Yesterday I gushed a smallish amount of red blood with small stringy clots. This happened about four times over the night so my MW referred me to the EPU today.

This scan dated the pregnancy at 7+2 with a good heartbeat but again the sac is measuring small. The technician told me that actually this is a cause for concern and I have to go back in two weeks.

I asked what the outcome would be if the sac didn't 'catch up' to the fetal pole but she didn't really give me a straight answer.

I still don't know why I'm bleeding. I still don't know what will happen if the sac doesn't grow or why I'm measuring a week behind what I know I am. This not knowing is driving me insane. I just can't relax.

Does anyone have a similar experience? Could you please shed some light?

Bondy83 Tue 02-Dec-14 18:08:04

Can't really offer much apart from early scans can be out 7 days either way I had an early scan at what that dated me 7+2 by time I had 12wk scan that had changed by 5 days ahead. Try to look at the positives that you've seen a strong heartbeat rest as much as you can until your next scan x

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