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Move to bigger house before TTC or when pregnant?

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HotSpicedApple Tue 02-Dec-14 11:14:40

Myself and DP currently live in a 2-bed rented house with my son from previous relationship. We are going to be starting TTC hopefully in the new year. We'll definitely need a 3-bed house and it's a bit of a squeeze here already, we need bit more space in general. Is it best to try and get the house before getting upduffed, or wait until fall pregnant and sort it out then? Given how long it could take to get pg, any hitches along the way etc... It shouldn't take long to move as we rent so just case of finding new people for mine (sure wouldn't take long) and finding our own place. I'm not sure what to prioritise.

pinkie1982 Tue 02-Dec-14 12:04:39

I think either way will be a faff. Nice to think you can move first and have everthing ready but then how often does that happen? That was our plan then decided that we would go ahead and try baby making as I am 32 and been on the pill for 16 years...5 weeks later...two positive tests, still living in a one bed flat! Ooops and yay! at the same time.

ClariceBeanthatsme Tue 02-Dec-14 12:12:22

Maybe start house hunting now then hopefully you won't have the stress of moving house whilst pregnant. You can decorate a nursery for the baby then.

Although, DP and I moved house when i was 37 weeks pregnant and I didn't have to lift a finger just pointed to where I wanted furniture and boxes putting wink

dietcokeisgreat Tue 02-Dec-14 12:49:54

I am currently 12w and we are househunting. It has just turned out that way! I'm sure we will make it work and by the time the baby comes hopefully we will have a bedroom for them! Good luck.

Caterina99 Tue 02-Dec-14 13:56:36

I dicovered I was pregnant the day after we got the keys to our new house! It hasn't been ideal moving and decorating in the first trimester, but it was probably easier than moving later on.

GooseRoasties Tue 02-Dec-14 14:05:25

We moved into our new house at 34 weeks pregnant.

When I first found out we were pregnant, we had to move as one small bedroom wasn't enough (not even enough room for a Moses basket). It took forever (as we brought) and it was so stressful, trying to find somewhere in our price range, the packing up old stuff and moving it into the new house... I was tired and all i wanted to do was lie down and snooze. It's not something I would want to repeat!

CoolStoryBro Tue 02-Dec-14 14:05:43

I don't think it matters. We moved at very late stages of 2 of my pregnancies and it was very doable. That said, I find the whole boxing up and clearing things out very cathartic. We pay someone else to do the hard work! wink

cantmakecarrotcake Tue 02-Dec-14 14:42:26

If you can plan it I'd suggest moving either before you fall preg or during 2nd trimester.
You're most likely to be at your most tired in the 1st/3rd trimester.

ELA88 Tue 02-Dec-14 14:51:43

I'm 24 weeks and we have a sale going through now but it has been a stressful few months and we still don't know if we will be in before march! At our last conversation with out mortgage broker, she basically said we might have to start looking for a house again! So personally I would've liked to have moved before I became pregnant, just to be settled and to help DH decorate and things!

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