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Terrible stomach flu in early pregnancy- please help :)

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Luckystar82 Mon 01-Dec-14 23:14:42

Hi there

I'm a long time lurker, but just signed up so I can seek some advice as I seem to be getting nowhere with NHS in real life.

I'm 8w3d pregnant with DC1. Had early (private) scan last week, everything ok.

11 days ago (Friday) I had to rush to the toilet as I had no control of my bowel and suffered terrible diarrhoea which lasted 30 minutes. The only thing I ate out of the ordinary was a posh sausage roll in a Gastro pub.

The next day (Saturday) the same thing happened twice (afternoon and evening) except with excruciating pains I've not experienced before. This was followed the next day by feverish symptoms.

Come last Monday, I experienced awful nausea for first time (MS? Not sure as first time I've experienced it) which is now ongoing and lasting all day, along with sporadic loose stools and the most terrible wind. My stomach hurts and the smell is really bad...(and I say that as someone who has been hospitalised in the past with dysentery)

Today I have started vomiting.

NHS has not been that helpful. I phoned EPU last weekend as I thought I was having miscarriage with the pain. They assured me I'm not. GP phoned last Tuesday - advised to drink water and rest. Visited another GP on Friday- same advice... Also said go back to work today (which I haven't been able to). He felt stomach. No fever. Took stool sample.

Is this normal in early pregnancy? I feel really ill and desperate now sad

helensburgh Mon 01-Dec-14 23:18:54

It sounds like food poisoning , but I'm guessing.

A good plan is to avoid any dairy products, as your gut should heal better

It's good your go has taken a stool sample.

Hope you feel better soon

Luckystar82 Mon 01-Dec-14 23:27:11

Thank you, they only took sample on Friday

Funnily enough have been avoiding dairy as it turns my stomach!

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