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38+4 weeks

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Mummywithlove Mon 01-Dec-14 20:31:03

im 38+4 weeks pregnant and the past few days every time my baby boy moves it really hurts all over! i get lots of pain in my privates and it gets painful if i stand for so long or i recline slightly on my sofa, the only place where is comfy is on my side...
i constanly feel like i need a wee and a poo but when i go NOTHING! blush baby is awake all the time but only hurts me at night tine and killing its me hurts, why is he doing this to me,? does it sound like hes coming? anyone having this experience smile
Emma x

Mummywithlove Mon 01-Dec-14 20:37:38

i also am getting loads and loads of movement by my pubic bone! n that feels weird lol x

BeginnerSAHM Mon 01-Dec-14 21:02:02

Sounds like he's fully engaged and banging around your pelvis. I sympathise - think dc3 'dropped' fully today and feel similar!

If he's dropped, he's more ready to go so it might not be long but I don't think there's any predictable timescale to it (annoyingly). Only thing I would say is that IF you have 'serious constipation pains' (but nothing is coming) so that you are groaning/shouting, you might want to call the labour ward. (DC1 was born 2.5 hours after I woke up really needing to do a poo... blush Didn't really notice stomach pain as the bottom pain was so severe!!)

Good luck!

Mummywithlove Mon 01-Dec-14 22:08:35

thanks for the reply, grin its really weird cuz when i do go poopoo i get a really uncomfortable pain in my bottom and my vag blush but only for a few seconds,, ive had it for a few days and really really bad wind blush , xx

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