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Anyone else struggling to not shout out your news?!

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MistressKatherine Mon 01-Dec-14 16:11:23

I've managed to keep my fat gob shut for the majority of my time so far (except for one or two friends) but am now really struggling. I'm nearly 12 weeks and knowing my scan isn't for another two weeks is quite rightly stopping me (and making me nervous). But someone just walked into my office and announced they are 14 weeks. Seriously had to shove my fist in my mouth to stop me seeming overly excited about someone I barely know.

How is everyone else coping with this?

Snaveanator Mon 01-Dec-14 17:46:36

I feel your pain! I'm 19 weeks and have only told some family and friends.

My 5yo doesn't yet know, he's finding out next Wednesday when Santa tells him.... It's been a LONG 14 weeks of secrecy!

UpNorth74 Tue 02-Dec-14 07:52:37

Snaveanator, you must be so excited to tell him he's going to be a big brother!

MistressKatherine - I'm so impressed you managed not to give it away to your colleagues!

I'm only 6 weeks and the news is still sinking in with me and my other half. I work with my family so it might get tricky if nauseous symptoms turn into sickness! I'm not looking forward to keeping it under wraps over Christmas - (dating scan is likely to be in Jan) I want to shout it from the rooftops!

This is a whole new level of secret keeping!

freshlysharpenedpencils Tue 02-Dec-14 10:03:43

Well I have told the hairdresser and the woman who does my eyebrows and tache! I told a close friend and my parents (obviously my partner) but no one else. I want to tell EVERYONE. I'm only 7 weeks. I can't help it. It's difficult not to say what I think on FB like "been sick all day again FFS"

Snaveanator Tue 02-Dec-14 11:11:03

Upnorth- seriously, we are so excited! We're taking him to harrods and the Santa there is going to tell him then were having tea and cake after grin we will be relieved once the secret is finally out and we can start talking about it in front of him! Plus I'm fed up with him commenting about how fat I'm getting!

rubyboo2 Tue 02-Dec-14 13:48:29

We told everyone at 6 weeks , we couldnt wait ! I dont know how you have kept quiet for so long !

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