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Isabella Oliver sizing

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silversixpence Mon 01-Dec-14 15:50:12

I've bought a few things using their 33% code but I'm a bit confused by the sizing. I got one of the jersey long sleeved t shirts in a size 2 and it feels really tight (I'm usually a size 10 but admittedly have put on a lot of weight blush). I've also ordered a pair of the boyfriend jeans but the length seems ridiculously short (25 1/4" rolled) so i have ordered the long length even though i usually have to buy short length jeans. I'm also now worried the size 2 will be too small based on how the tops fit!

strawberry1202 Mon 01-Dec-14 19:11:16

Hi - I've bought some stuff from them and found it runs a bit small. I was a size 12 for trousers and am finding the size 4 work trousers I bought from them rather tight around the hips at 6 months, so I'm not sure they're going to last me to the bitter end, and there were plenty of reviews on their website saying similar things so I think its a common problem…it may be worth going a size bigger than you expect to need?

juneavrile Tue 02-Dec-14 11:44:28

I have found the 2 in tops / dresses is equal to a 12, not bought any trousers. All that I have has lasted me throughout the pregnancy but has looked better at the later stages with a big bump. I've loved how comfortable and supportive the clothes feel.

silversixpence Tue 02-Dec-14 11:46:56

Maybe it's the fitting of the jersey t shirts as they look quite tight on the models too

PeppermintInfusion Tue 02-Dec-14 14:43:31

Their jersey tshirts do seem better when you size up, as they are quite tight, though you can get away with them but I wouldn't wear them on their own without a cardi etc for that reason.
Seraphine do similar style jersey tshirts which are a better fit and thicker jersey material also.

Librarina Tue 02-Dec-14 15:45:33

Is the code still going? Could anyone give it me?

I got my BFP yesterday and all my stuff from last time is tatty!

silversixpence Tue 02-Dec-14 19:36:14

The code is on the homepage I think MCL36

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