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Is this round ligament pain?

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leanne963 Sun 30-Nov-14 11:58:07

When i get up in the morning i have no aches or pains really but by the end of the day i notice that getting up from a sitting down position is a struggle.
The other night i had a family meal out and was really uncomfortable spending 2 hours sat on a hard chair in an upright position. Its like a stitch pain every time i go to get up from sitting, only tends to get worse in the evening, after a full day of eating.
I'm not too concerned but just wondering if anyone has any advice, i am only 15 weeks so don't even have a huge belly yet, so i am worried about the pain as i get further along! I am just convincing myself it is stretching/ligament pain.....

Any advice would be appreciated :D

gamerchick Sun 30-Nov-14 12:06:52

Sounds like it. I remember rlp bringing me to my knees later on in pregnancy. The support belt was my friend.

Remember your uterus is growing really fastband sometimes our ligaments complain a bit.

As always though if you're worried, no midwife minds dishing out reassurance.

leanne963 Sun 30-Nov-14 12:09:31

Thank you smile I am not too worried just want some reassurance from real women and not a robot on a website lol

I can't wait to have a proper bump, but i feel like i will be cursing it when it arrives and causes me more pain ha!

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