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announcing baby three and nervous ... :/

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hopefull2424 Sun 30-Nov-14 10:53:13

So im almost 7 weeks with baby 3. We are telling our patents today as I see them regularly and keep lying when im sick.
The thing is dh and I are really nervous. Mil has always been a bit funny when we announced the other pregnancies and sil announced recently and it took mil weeks to come to terms with it.
My mum should probably expect it as I've never gone behind the fact I would like three children but even so she doesn't understand why and thinks two is plenty so again not looking forward to telling her. Has anyone else felt like this.

Ridingthestorm Sun 30-Nov-14 11:06:49

That is their problem. Tell them all the same, but why should you be worried about what they think? This is your life, your choice and you do not need permission or seek approval to have a third child.
Please don't let their response impact negatively on your pregnancy. Be upfront and honest with them if they begin to air their views so public ally and verbally. remind them that this is YOUR child and YOUR husband'so, not theirs. I would even be tempted to tell them that if they find it so hard to accept, not to bother with any of your children because no decent grandparent would be so negative about the arrival of a little one - surely!

MollyWhuppie Sun 30-Nov-14 11:17:25

Same here hopeful! Not looking forward to telling my parents at all as they definitely will be underwhelmed when I tell them we're having number 3!

My in-laws will be excited though, so that's something at least!

SticksOutLikeDogsBalls Sun 30-Nov-14 11:23:32

Congratulations! smile

Frusso Sun 30-Nov-14 11:31:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hopefull2424 Sun 30-Nov-14 12:14:07

Thanks all. The feeling of negativity is awful. I don't know why as any child is a blessing and maybe I'm being overly sensitive and they will be fine but can't see it. So fingers crossed they will take it ok. Even dh is nervous and he isn't normally the type.
Not quite sure why I let them have this little hold over me as I don't with anyone or anything else.
Will update you all later x

Bondy83 Sun 30-Nov-14 12:43:39

My mum was exactly the same she claims all 3 of mine were 'accidents' when they were more 'we'll just see if it happens or not '. Especially with my 3rd she was very disappointed and I got the what have you done that for speech. Me n hubby have been together 14yrs have a house and jobs so I don't know what the issue is? I'm 27wks now and she's done a complete reversal she's bought more for this baby than I have!

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