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abdominal pains at 5 weeks, worried :(

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upthewolves Sun 30-Nov-14 10:50:39

Hi ladies
I am 5 wks pregnant and have been having abdominal twinges and the occasional low ache for the past week, which I know is normal, but today I have a constant pain in my abdomen - slightly more to the left than centre. It isn't painful enough to stop me doing anything but I am really concerned it is bad news. It kind of feels like a cramp today. This is my first pregnancy so no idea what t expect - can any of you lovely people put my mind at rest or should I go to gp tomorrow? Thanks heaps.

LizziTea Sun 30-Nov-14 12:24:17

I had similar symptoms last week. From my experience, I think if you mention this to a GP or NHS 111 service they would probably refer you for a scan to check it's not an ectopic. An ectopic is really unlikely, and it seems loads of people have these kinds of pains with a healthy pregnancy, but it would mean that you could get an early scan which is a plus! I had blood tests every 48 hours until I had hormones high enough for a scan, then the scan showed a little blob which assured us the baby is growing in the right place! But everyone has to be super careful with one-sided pain because of the risk of ectopic, so you should be taken seriously if you speak to a doctor.

upthewolves Sun 30-Nov-14 12:33:10

Lizzi, thank you so much for your reply! I have my first gp appt later this week so I will wait til then in case it worsens in which case I'll bring it forward. I'll mention the one sided pain when I go. I noticed after I posted this there is a similar question further down on the forum ( should have searched but panicked!) And posters said it was fairly normal. I need to relax! Thanks again! smile

Emilyjane11 Sun 30-Nov-14 13:37:06

I have pains on alternate sides. Cramps really. I know baby is lying on right but some of the cramps are on the left (im 9 weeks and had a scan on Thursday due to bleeding, everything okay) at about 5 weeks I have intense period like cramps and was assured that it was just everything stretching xx

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