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Is there a size limit they will let me get to before getting baby out?

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joosiewoosie Sun 30-Nov-14 07:46:10

I'm 33, nearly 34 weeks nowsmile. At my 32 week consultant appointment I measured a whopping 43 weeks! (11 weeks above dates)

I know part of this is due to a biiig fibroid and the other due to a baby with an abdominal circumference above the 95th centile (like mother, like baby us all I can say! grin). Baby was estimated to measure 4lb 11oz at that point.

Anyhow, my question is - is there a safe limit for a uterus to stretch to and will the medics consider getting baby out before that point, or is it a game of chance?

I've been a bit anxious through this pregnancy due to loads of different issues, and the fact we had a mc last time.

I'm struggling physically to walk, move or do anything vaguely normal, and have a 39 week section booked, but wondered if they would do it sooner to make sure it gets here safe and to keep me safe too?

At this rate, I'm gonna have the most stretched uterus in the history of the world!shock

HennaFlare Sun 30-Nov-14 07:49:39

I had similar measurements without a fibroid. The section went ahead at 39 weeks despite me only being able to move on crutches at that point!! My pelvis just couldn't hold the weight. Uterus is now normal. They're very stretchy. My understanding is that they have concerns about placental support of a baby that size but if everything looks good, you just get to keep growing... grin

FreeButtonBee Sun 30-Nov-14 07:49:52

Well I measured 50 weeks by the end with my twins so no! It all pinged back reasonably well other than much heavier periods (which I put down to uterus being bigger )

bakingtins Sun 30-Nov-14 08:02:11

I doubt they would section earlier unless you go into labour or there's a medical problem. 39 weeks is considered to be ideal for ELCS as it's the balance point between fewest probs of prematurity for baby and not many women will have gone into labour naturally before that point. Even if your baby was putting on the .5lb a week they suggest happens in 3rd trimester they'd be <6lb now (which puts you on low birthweight protocols)
I'm sorry you are uncomfortable, third trimester isn't much fun. I hope it all goes well when the time comes flowers

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 30-Nov-14 08:03:11

I've been measuring three-four weeks ahead since 28 weeks (36 now) and I was hoping to be induced around 39 weeks, but midwife doesn't seem to believe the scan estimates confused I'm anxious about the baby being too big to get out!

joosiewoosie Sun 30-Nov-14 08:21:58

My dd1 was 10lb 5oz when she was burn by EMCS at 40+4. I think there is still lots of stretching to go! They'll have to roll me into the hospital at this rate...think a blueberried Violet Beauregarde and that's the image in my brain for the future!
I just hope my body holds up and baby gets here safe and well!

Pregnantagain7 Sun 30-Nov-14 09:12:46

My ds1 was 10lb 8 when I was pregnant with ds2 I measured 49cms at 39 weeks. I was expecting an 11 pounder but ds2 was a very petite 8lb 10 so you might be surprised! My boys were born a year apart so maybe that's got something to do with it but all the growth scans and doctors told me to expect a whopper I was so nervous about giving birth to a toddler size baby but was all fine in the end. Ds2 is now 7 weeks and to me still looks tiny smile

Showy Sun 30-Nov-14 09:21:18

I wouldn't worry too much about weight at this point, it's a red herring. I couldn't push out a 7lber due to her position. Then her much smaller 6lb brother got horrifically stuck too. Head circumference and position seem to be the problem. And if you're booked for CS anyway, I guess this is less of a worry?

My friend had twins, born at 38+4 by CS. They both weighed 7lbs and at the end she was huge. Incomprehensibly spherical. She is back to being fit, healthy and slim.

DixieNormas Sun 30-Nov-14 09:26:02

Unless they think theres a medical problem I doubt it!

Ds1 was 43+ weeks by the time they induced me and weighed 11lb 2, they told me he wasnt big and it was all water. It was nearly 20 years ago now though!

DixieNormas Sun 30-Nov-14 09:28:24

Also for nearly 34 weeks 4lb 11 isnt huge, ds2 was born at 35 weeks weighing 5lb 15 and ds3 was 32 weeks and 4lb 4.

chillychicken Sun 30-Nov-14 09:32:24

At 34+5 a growth scan showed baby to have a big head and huge stomach, estimated weight at the time was 6lb 8oz. Consultant decided this was nothing to be alarmed about but I had to have a hospital birth (allowed on midwife led ward though). I'm now 39 weeks. Baby was measuring 39 weeks last Saturday and 39 weeks again on Thursday so I'm guessing growth has slowed. No one seems at all concerned, except me!

neversleepagain Mon 01-Dec-14 06:07:56

A uterus can stretch a lot and many women can 4+ babies at one time.

My twins were born at 34 weeks and my bump measured 48 weeks. 11lb of babies and 5.5 lb of two (fused placenta)!

cheshirem2b Mon 01-Dec-14 08:52:21

I'm pg with first baby. scan at 32w estimate 4lb10oz. got our 36w scan this week. my only complication is v mild GD which is diet controlled. I've been told unless anything changes I'll be left to go to 40w and then they'll induce.

joosiewoosie Mon 01-Dec-14 16:03:36

Looks like 39w it is then.
Hope you all have a bearably comfortable festive season and safe and easy deliveries when the time comes. X

DixieNormas Mon 01-Dec-14 16:20:41

I did have my elcs with ds5 at 38+ 2 though, no reason other than deciding they didnt want me to go into labour after that point (was planning vbac) so you might find they do it a week earlier

joosiewoosie Sat 20-Dec-14 04:43:33

I think my body might have other ideas though! Been having contractions all night and am off to be monitored soon, so let's see what occurs. Will keep you postedsmile

DixieNormas Sat 20-Dec-14 06:10:47

Yay Good luck!

ohlittlepea Sat 20-Dec-14 06:41:09

39 weeks is generally safest for baby and you, it's amazing how much a uterus can hold. It's rubbish feeling uncomfortable though. If you are worried it might help to think about multiple births, women can carry and deliver 2 or 3 babies and many would measure large due to this. Hope the next few weeks speed by and you manage to stay as comfortable as possible. Not long now and your lovely baby will be here and all of this will be worth it smile I had a large bump and when people commented I used to say 'my baby wanted a mansion, not a bungalow' it made me feel a bit better xxxx

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