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Heartburn or lingering cough from cold?

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PassTheAnswers Sat 29-Nov-14 05:20:55

With ds I had horrific heartburn. Would happily drink straight from the gaviscon bottle to a few strange looks on the train. Started taking a low dose of omeprazole at 36 weeks and never looked back.

Dc2. Heartburn started at 20 weeks or so. Immediately started on omeprazole as gaviscon didn't touch the sides and I wasn't going through the discomfort last time. Started on double the dose.

Now 32 weeks and on a yet higher dose of omeprazole (20 mg/twice day) and ranitidine twice a day. And it's not sodding working, feel lots of acid and gurgly. Had a cold last week and am still snotty but have a horrific hacking burning un satisfying cough that is tons worse at night and can't seem to get relief from. Cough feels similar to the one I got last time around.

Heartburn related or just lingering cold? If heartburn is there anything else i can take?

All I do know is that it's driving us all nuts, interfering with my already limited sleep (hello insomnia) and wrecking complete havoc on my poor pelvic floor which is now weakened beyond belief due to the stress of coughing.

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