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Is it normal to be in so much pain at 34 weeks?

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AlwaysLurking38 Sat 29-Nov-14 02:57:45

As title says, I'm 34 weeks pregnant. For the past week or so I've been in absolute agony. I don't know if it's her knee's or something but she moves and it like I'm being stabbed near my belly button. It's literally made me stop what I'm doing and takes my breath away!

Also, I can't walk a long distance without shooting pains in my lady parts and up my bum!

Is this all normal for 34 weeks? I'm feeling utterly miserable!

AlwaysLurking38 Sat 29-Nov-14 03:00:01

Oh, and I'm tired constantly lately. Absolutely shattered. Before I fell pregnant I had 6 hours sleep a night and that did me fine. During the pregnancy it bumped up to 8 hours but recently I've been having 12-14 hours and a nap during the day and still wake up tired.

As you can tell I'm feeling rather sorry for myself

pebblepots Sat 29-Nov-14 04:18:55

I don't know if that's all normal, sounds like a check-up might be wise?

However, wanted to say, I had shooting bum pains, think it was maybe a nerve getting squished. And couldn't walk very far as it made these and my aching hips & groin worse.

Pandapickle100 Sat 29-Nov-14 06:39:14

This post could have been written by me! Sailed thrrough with no symtoms at ALL until 33 weeks (not even sickness) and last 2 weeks have aching pelvis, hips and back. Shooting pains and can't walk far, insomnia, heartburn and beyond tired (luckily I'm now working from home so can sleep in afternoons) - I'm counting myself luckily for getting away with most of my pregnancy feeling very well but it's knocked me for six... I hadn't even thought that this isn't normal, I've seen my midwife and she wasn't concerned at all. I think it'll stay this way (?) until we have our bubs, but hoping we might get a second burst of wellness! Xx take care

Pandapickle100 Sat 29-Nov-14 06:43:52

Forgot to say I get sharp belly button pains too... Mentioned to midwife and she said baby is moving and normal.... I'd mention to yours if you are concerned!

AlwaysLurking38 Sat 29-Nov-14 06:44:39

I see the midwife again on the 8th, definetly going to mention it to her. The thought of going through this for another 6 weeks isn't a pleasant one!

I hear you on the isomnia and heartburn. My bedside draw is full of Rennies, gaviscon tablets and gaviscon liquid lol. Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only one, I hope we get a second burst of wellness too. I'm not much fun lately because I'm so tired. Thanks for your replies smile

AlwaysLurking38 Sat 29-Nov-14 06:45:58

My partner says the belly button pain is normal too hmm I like to blame him for it because he's 6'2 and I'm 5'2. Obviously our daughter has got her dads long legs grin

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