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Books for dads?

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supersupersupershock Fri 28-Nov-14 17:40:04

Hi - any recommendations for books for dads to be that explain I don't know... pregnancy, hormones (!) and stuff.... this is not for a first time date, but his last baby was born 20 years ago!

Heels99 Fri 28-Nov-14 17:41:28

Lol that he doesn't know how pregnancy works....!

moggle Fri 28-Nov-14 17:57:45

My DH has enjoyed The expectant dad's handbook by Dean Beaumont, he read it about three times during my pregnancy! It had a lot of stuff in about what was going on with me, not just baby.
DD is 2 weeks old and so far he's loving every minute of fatherhood :-)

supersupersupershock Fri 28-Nov-14 20:04:13

Lol at me putting first time 'date'... imagine turning up on first date with a book like this

Thanks Moggle - will take a look

BilboTheAlmighty Fri 28-Nov-14 20:29:05

DH loves his Commando Dad book! I can't remember the author but a quick google search should point you in the right direction smile

browneyedgirly Fri 28-Nov-14 20:33:50

The Expectant Dad's Survival Guide by Rob Kemp is really good. My husband is enjoying it and I also think it's great, really straight talking and funny as hell in places. Think most people would get on well with it.

Psmith83 Fri 28-Nov-14 20:48:22

My husband keeps quoting facts at me from The dummies guide to pregnancy for fathers book. I think he likes all of the info.... shock

cheshirem2b Fri 28-Nov-14 22:57:24

My hubby got given the Haynes Manual of babies by his friend and he loves it! Not sure how useful it is but it's entertaining!

supersupersupershock Sat 29-Nov-14 15:22:27

Thanks all. Will check them out

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