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when to tell son

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weelamb123 Fri 28-Nov-14 15:10:40

I am almost 7 weeks with second child. We have an 8 year old son and wandering when to to tell him. We want to tell him on Xmas day as I'll be 10+2 by then. What do you think?

Peaceloveandbiscuits Fri 28-Nov-14 15:17:17

Only you know your son. How would he cope if the worst were to happen? Congratulations though smile

PurpleStripedSock Fri 28-Nov-14 15:46:06

Before you tell anyone else :-)

Threeplus1 Fri 28-Nov-14 16:05:53

Me and Dh are debating the same thing. We have 3 children ready and I am 7+6. DS is 11, dd1 is 10 and dd2 is 4, so they are old enough to notice that something isn't quite right with me as I am always feeling sick and having early nights (I actually think they already have an inkling - the older two anyway). We want to tell them, but if anything happened we don't want them to go through the loss so are unsure if we should continue to fudge on why mum is always sick or just tell them and swear them to secrecy confused

Bubbly77 Fri 28-Nov-14 17:32:49

I held off telling my two sons, aged 4 and 10, until I was 11.5 weeks with my third. I was desperate to tell them when I first found out (when I missed my period) but knew if I told them, they would tell everyone and then if something did happen I'd feel I told them too soon. I'll be 14 weeks on Monday and now most peeps know. Good luck with whatever you decide, only you know your son. xx

babyblabber Fri 28-Nov-14 18:00:10

I wouldn't tell any kids til I'd had a scan and was also willing for it to be common knowledge. Not fair on kids to expect to keep a secret that big and even more unfair to tell them and then have to tell them bad news.

I've friends who didn't tell til 5 months but personally DS & DD were the first people we told at 11 weeks after 2 scans.

PotteringAlong Fri 28-Nov-14 18:03:37

Will he be happy? If you're in any way unsure please don't tell him on Christmas Day!

purpleroses Fri 28-Nov-14 18:03:44

Before you tell anyone else, but only once you're ready to do so. Otherwise he may find out too difficult not to tell the world.

weelamb123 Fri 28-Nov-14 18:49:55

Once we tell him, we'll be telling the rest of the family. I just don't know if I can keep it secret, I am bloated, swollen and ill! He will be over the moon to know he'll be a brother and Christmas day just seems like the right time smile

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