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Rash in armpits

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babyblabber Fri 28-Nov-14 12:53:14

I'm 30 weeks. I got a rash under my arm about 2/3 months ago now. It was itchy for a day or two but not too bad. It spread to under my boobs & other armpit & GP diagnosed thrush. Canestan did nothing so she gave me a prescription for steroid cream. It worked to a certain extent but even after 2 weeks rash wasn't fully gone & as soon as I stopped using it the rash got really angry and red.

Didn't have time to go back to GP so I used what I had handy, sudocreme! That worked much better than steroid & cleared up under boobs completely. I've been using talc since then but it never fully went away & now is flaring up a bit under arms again.

Mentioned it to my consultant & he doesn't think its pregnsncy related (have had a glucose tolerance test so no diabetes or anything) but I'm dick of it! Just want it to go away & not have to go to bed with armpits full of sudo!

Anyone have anything similar?

babyblabber Fri 28-Nov-14 12:54:59

Eh sick of it rather!

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