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naughty dream

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baby5ontheway Fri 28-Nov-14 08:34:22

So last night I had what u could descibe as a very naughty dream about a certain celebrity who's in IACGMOOH! But the thing is I kind if liked it and didn't want it to end! I awoke to go to the loo and was gutted it came to an end sad has anyone else had naughty dreams and enjoyed it ?

dayspringjubilee Fri 28-Nov-14 10:42:05

Yes, I hear sex dreams are more common in pregnancy, that or you remember them more vividly because of lighter sleep. Mine are always with the LEAST appropriate people possible and I wonder how on earth they even made an appearance as they tend not to be even someone I'd have any attraction to. I usually enjoy the dream at the time but feel totally shocked about it when I wake up. However, you can't help your subconscious, can you?! blush

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