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32 weeks pregnant and sick 6 times in last 5 hours :-(

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Firstimemummy15 Thu 27-Nov-14 02:38:17

hi Ladies

I am 32 weeks pregnant and went to bed this evening and didn't feel comfortable. I got up and sat in the lounge and then started being sick, this happened a couple of times and then I tried going back to bed but lying down just made me sick again. I have been sick 6 times now for no apparent reason. I never suffered from morning sickness and after this am glad about that!

Anyway, should I call my midwife or just sit it out. I have barely slept so am extremely tired and feeling sorry for myself!

thank you x

babymouse Thu 27-Nov-14 03:02:49

Call the midwives. It's a new and different symptom and it's better safe than sorry.

hope you feel better soon!

butternut22 Thu 27-Nov-14 08:09:50

Call the midwives. I was really sick a couple of weeks ago (30 weeks) and it was due to a UTI. I had no other symptoms.

Firstimemummy15 Thu 27-Nov-14 11:31:54

Thank you, I phoned the midwife and was told to go to my GP. I have just got back and to be honest felt like I was wasting their time. There is a bug going around so I just need to get on with it. Lasts about 3 days and aslong as I drink it doesn't matter if I don't eat! The doctor didn't ask about any baby movements etc which I thought odd but luckily the midwife did!

God it's scary being a mum, what am I going to do when bump is in the world! lol x

redexpat Thu 27-Nov-14 12:53:57

Well then you spend your time cleaning up someone elses sick wink

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