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Pregnant at 42 after 2 miscarriages

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Wiggy72 Wed 26-Nov-14 22:00:25

I am pregnant at 42 after 2 miscarriages in the last 18 months at 6 and 8 weeks. We were lucky enough to get an early scan on Monday which showed around 5 1/2 weeks ( I estimated 6 weeks) and we did see the heartbeat but I can't help thinking just because all was well then something might have gone wrong since. I'm driving myself crazy with worry and our next scan isn't for 2 weeks. Anybody else find themselves in this situation and how do you keep yourself sane!

freelancegirl Wed 26-Nov-14 22:07:35

Cautious congratulations on your pregnancy! And also seeing a heartbeat is great. I've had recurrent miscarriages (5), now have a two year old dc and all going well with my current pregnancy will be a mum of two by Christmas. As such though I've had a raft of early scans - both good and bad, ones that were good that turned bad and ones that were good and stayed good! The wait between scans is indeed awful and all I keep saying to myself is 'you just have to get through it'. Time takes on weird proportions and can feel to be going very slowly but at the end of the day a week is just a week and your next scan comes a along soon enough. It's awful though, I do feel for you. Also remember that these are all necessary steps to help you achieve that ultimate goal! And when you do go on to have a baby, looking back it seems to have gone much less slowly. Not sure if that helps - just wanted you to know you're not the only one.

Wiggy72 Wed 26-Nov-14 22:18:44

It helps to know your not the only one who has/is going through it. I guess I just need to get through one day at a time. The hospital have put me on aspirin and fragmin so fingers crossed that helps although I can't inject myself my husband has that job! Congratulations to you, what a wonderful Christmas presant smile

Aussiegirl14 Wed 26-Nov-14 22:30:20

Another cautious congratulations Wiggy. I have found myself in a similar position - had 2 miscarriages (one missed and only discovered at 12 week scan) then found myself pregnant at 40 Now almost 41 and I am 36 weeks and 3 days. It sounds as if you are being looked after, having an early scan and a heartbeat is an encouraging sign. I was a mess up until about 5 months to be honest and I lurked on the miscarriage thread here as there was some good advice.
I personally just kept thinking that each day I was still pregnant and would actually think each morning and night, 1 more day. People give you all sorts of advice like keep busy etc but that never worked for me. I'm not sure how positive you can be after miscarriages...but I found that it helped to know that there are many other people in the same position. One thing that also helped was knowing that if something did happen then there was probably something wrong with the foetus. If not then there is a very good chance of the pregnancy continuing.

Having said that I have been very negative up until now and to be honest will not relax until baby is out safe and well. I ended up having an amnio too and told no-one I was pregnant until 5 1/2 months. I just couldn't take the pressure. I'd say go easy on yourself and think that every day it has grown and the chance is higher that all will be ok. I had a horrendous diarrhoea bug at about 10 weeks with stomach cramps and was convinced that I was miscarrying. I decided to wait for my 12 week scan though as by that stage I was a bit numb and had already wondered what the point was of all the extra scans. I was in absolute shock when there was a heartbeat at 12 weeks and celebrated with a coffee! I have to say that a lot of the excitement has gone for me- but that's personal. Everyone keeps saying how excited i must be but truthfully I worry every day and will do until it's out safely. I also refer to baby as 'it' as I feel less emotional about it then.

I really wish you well and remember that you are not alone and it can all work out for you. Get a good box set and relax. Sorry for the long message but I do hope it's been of some help.

Aussiegirl14 Wed 26-Nov-14 22:32:32

oh, also meant to add that because of my age I was under consultant care and have had 5 scans...nervous wreck before each one and so under whelmed that they must have thought I didn't want baby! You should ask about scans. Take care x

freelancegirl Thu 27-Nov-14 09:12:46

Glad they have put you on aspirin and fragmin. I took aspirin for both my successful pregnancies (again hoping this one is successful!) and also steroids as I was diagnosed with a high level of natural killer cells. But other things I took that you can just get over the counter and might be worth you trying was - pregnacare plus omega 3 (you might already be on this) plus an additional 50ug of vitamin d as prescribed by my miscarriage specialist. Apparently vitamin d is being seen as much more crucial than previously and it's worth taking more than is in the multi vits. I also took selenium for similar reasons.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes. Oh I'm 40 now, was almost 38 when DS was born.

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