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37 weeks pregnant and feeling terrible :/

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Casey24 Wed 26-Nov-14 13:25:22

Hello, hoping to get some reassurance, I'm 37 weeks pregnant and for the past week I've well and truly been thrust from my happy hormone bubble! Firstly I got very painful piles making it almost impossible to walk, bend over etc...then I got hit by my digestive system playing up - having been constipated for months, all of a sudden I seem to need to poo all the time?! And my appetite has completely gone, the thought of eating anything makes me feel nauseous, which is completely weird, add to that I'm seriously sleep deprived...what's going on? It feels very hormonal but I don't remember having this with my first so it's starting to worry me a is still kicking so hoping all is well..

superbfairywren Wed 26-Nov-14 15:27:35

I have felt similar to this over the past few weeks, now 39weeks. I think its normal, I have had days where I feel like I have flu-exhausted, achey etc, hot and cold. Have also been going to the loo a lot more than before. I think its probably another surge of hormones contributing but also the increased size of the baby means your bowels are under more pressure. I would Mention it all to your midwife at your next appt but I wouldnt worry too much.

CathyNoodles Wed 26-Nov-14 16:43:22

Yes, I have felt pretty bad since even early 30s in weeks - ever since sleep became a problem due to waking up every hour or 2 for the loo.... although I am now almost 39 weeks and have perked up a bit! Hope the same happens for you!

wigfieldrocks Wed 26-Nov-14 17:24:08

I'm 37 weeks and for the last two days have had awful heart burn, nausea and wind! I also feel like I need the loo all the time, eating makes me feel sick and I'm generally feeling rotten. It's just like early pregnancy all over again :-( you have my sympathy op.

Casey24 Wed 26-Nov-14 17:57:40

Oh well good to see I'm not the only one, sounds like I got off pretty lightly first time around, to add to the list of ailments I've now a cold and ds has come down with a times ! Hopes for both our sakes the babies make an appearance soon smile

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