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linea nigra - boy or girl?

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nataliekristin Wed 26-Nov-14 11:36:50

hi everyone

just wondering how true the old wives tale is that says if your linea nigra runs from your pubic line to your belly button, it's a girl. but if it runs past the belly button up towards your rib cage it's a boy?

I don't know what I'm having but my linea nigra (which appeared from about 15 weeks, I'm now 24 weeks) runs from my pubic line to the top of my abdomen. curious if this means it's a boy!

September60b Wed 26-Nov-14 11:38:52

I read this one too. I have a line from pubic bone right up to my rib cage and I'm having a girl!!

Zahrah5 Wed 26-Nov-14 11:47:29

I am 18+2 and have faint line all the way from by breasts down to the pubic line and I am having a girl.

Burmama Wed 26-Nov-14 12:33:53

I have a line on both sides of my belly button. Boy!

ilovepowerhoop Wed 26-Nov-14 12:37:06

I had no linea nigra at all with either pregnancy - one boy and one girl

Burmama Wed 26-Nov-14 12:37:19

And when I say "sides" I mean above and below, not left and right. blush That would be weird.

Snowflakepie Wed 26-Nov-14 12:38:07

No line here either, one girl one boy.

SeaSaltMill Wed 26-Nov-14 12:39:18

Mine goes to my belly button and my bump is a boy! I think it's bull haha!

mrsmilkymoo Wed 26-Nov-14 12:44:24

I had a line right up to my ribs with dd, so think it is a load of rubbish!

blondie1001 Wed 26-Nov-14 12:54:40

Mine goes up from my belly button to my rib cage and I'm having a boy!

rubyboo2 Wed 26-Nov-14 13:48:13

I had Linea Nigra from pubic bone to belly button with my 2 boys . This time another boy I dont have one yet and I am 29 wks .

monkeymamma Wed 26-Nov-14 21:31:49

I don't remember how far it went up but I had a very pronounced one with my first son. This time around I haven't got one at all (39+1 today), and it's another boy! So I'm not sure it makes much difference. Quite relived as my first one took ages to fade!

ProbablyMe Wed 26-Nov-14 21:33:02

Never had one, I have 4 DS!

BadcatBertram Wed 26-Nov-14 21:51:20

Didn't have one at all - not even a faint one. Mine was a girl.

MirandaWest Wed 26-Nov-14 21:52:26

I had similar lines with both my DC - one boy and one girl smile Old wives tale I suspect.

weeblueberry Wed 26-Nov-14 21:55:26

I haven't had one with either pregnancy (both girls) but have had a hugely hairy belly yeah I know you didn't ask that and could probably do without the mental image

babyblabber Thu 27-Nov-14 17:43:34

I've one of each and can't remember what my belly looked like.

This time I just have a very feint line up as far as belly button and nothing above and its a boy!

Emus Thu 27-Nov-14 21:34:46

I've read it slightly differently. I've read that if you have a line that continues upwards from your belly button and doesn't line up with the bottom line then it's a boy. This was definitely true in my case - had a mismatched line!

cheesecakemom Thu 27-Nov-14 23:30:36

I have one going past belly button - had the same last pregnancy, both girls.

DramaAlpaca Thu 27-Nov-14 23:54:03

I never had one, and I've got three boys.

shroomboom Fri 28-Nov-14 06:37:57

My line was the same both times and I've got one of each grin
Nice to speculate though!

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