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Movements when overweight

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WorkingBling Tue 25-Nov-14 21:34:40

I am 23 weeks (almost). I started out overweight and am still but haven't gained any weight so effectively losing. However, I carry weight on my tummy andni can tell that some of my bump is still fat! smile

I am not feeling much movement. The placenta is low lying which I know impacts things too but is this normal? When should I definitely be feeling proper movement by?

Pico2 Tue 25-Nov-14 22:16:40

I'd guess it would depend on how overweight you are and whether your placenta is at the front or back.

I felt DC2 2 weeks after I felt DD as the placenta is at the front.

I guess that it also depends on what you consider to be "proper movement". I'd count anything I could feel, but now that I am 30 weeks, it is definitely a baby wriggling about, rather than something I might mistake for wind.

birdofthenorth Wed 26-Nov-14 10:22:30

I'm 24 weeks today and very overweight. Been feeling proper kicks as opposed to flutters since week 20 but it is my 5th pregnancy (two DC two miscarriages) and apparently that makes it more likely to feel pronounced movements earlier. I've a friend who's 23 weeks with her first and hasn't felt anything she could be sure is baby rather than digestion etc but her midwives aren't remotely worried. I think placenta position might be quite key. You can ask for an addition midwife appointment if you're really worried (or even an emergency hospital appointment) but i think at this stage you're within the realms of totally normal.

TinyMonkey Wed 26-Nov-14 10:54:01

I was overweight to start with and didn't feel any proper movements until about 23/24 weeks. This was with a high posterior placenta as well, so that wasn't muffling the sensations. Bit of an anxious time, but now at 38 weeks he/she never stops smile

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