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Anti E antibodies

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Monkey29 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:35:51

Hi. I posted about this in the antenatal test thread a couple of days ago but no reply so posting here too. Am pregnant with my second baby and have just found out I have now got anti E antibodies probably as result of my first pregnancy. It could mean that my antibodies will attack baby's red blood cells causing anaemia, jaundice or worse! Depends on my titre levels I think. Haven't had first apt with consultant yet, it was my gp that rang with the results so just want to be prepared for when I meet consultant. It has been recommended by the lab that my husband have bloods taken and that I will need recheck of my blood at 28 weeks but from my reading I should be having blood taken every 4 weeks to check levels. Has any one had the same in a previous pregnancy? If so how were you monitored and what was the outcome for baby? Would really appreciate some replies.

blackwidow74 Tue 25-Nov-14 16:18:48

Do you mean anti D antibodies? A problem faced by rhesus negative mums if baby is a positive blood type. You will receive extra injections later in pregnancy and after the birth to mop up any lingering ... your partner being tested wilol be to find out if he is - or + ... If he is negative then baby will be too and the problem will not recur this time around! Google 'anti d' or ask your doctor/midwife to explain more smile

Poledra Tue 25-Nov-14 16:34:37

Nope, I think the OP does mean anti-E.

monkey29, I had anti-E with my second and third pregnancies. In my second pregnancy, it wasn't a problem, as the titre remained at 1:16 throughout. I did only have infrequent checks during this pregnancy. Baby was born at 40+2, no problems (despite the fact I had appendicitis at 31 weeks, but that's unrelated to the anti-E!).

Pg with number 3, my first anti-E level was higher (I think 1:32) so I did get the 4-week checks that you've read about. I also had frequent scans, to Doppler the blood flow through the cerebral artery, as there was the possibility of anaemia in utero. My anti-E levels did fluctuate, up to a maximum of 1:128, I think. I was induced at 40 weeks, as the foetal medicine specialist said it would be better to get the baby out as any consequences of the anti-E were easier to treat once she was out. My baby was delivered at a weight of 8lbs 11 oz, no problems. However, she developed severe jaundice (haemolytic disease of the newborn) at 12 hours old, and was admitted to SCBU, put under lights and a drip and naso-gastric tube put in, as she was struggling to feed. She was discharged from SCBU at 5 days old and from hospital at 7 days old, with further follow-ups. She was discharged from the paediatricians at 5 months and there have been no further consequences. She's now a fit, healthy stroppy 6yo.

The Foetal Medicine medics said this was unusual, most often there are no or mild consequences from anti-E. It's not as common nor as risky as anti-D. They said they only saw 1-2 cases of it a year max, and this was at a large national maternity referral centre. They also said they had not had a baby suffer ongoing or chronic problems from anti-E, in their experience. Once they knew it was there, they could put the protocols in place to monitor and be ready to treat.

If you'd like to know anything else, please feel free to PM me. It's never nice to have a worry like this in your pregnancy flowers

Monkey29 Tue 25-Nov-14 18:40:25

Girls thanks so much for your replies. Yes it is anti E I mean. I'm actually rh positive. Most people know about the rh neg problem but as far as I know it's very unlikely these days to form anti D antibodies as most women get the anti D immunoglobulin injection if needed during pregnancy or after delivery. However there are no injections available to prevent other antibodies from developing as I presume it's quite rare.
Poledra, thanks so much for your reply. Great to hear from someone who has been through it. Sounds like you had a rough enough time with your third child and glad all was well in the end. Good to see the two different stories too. I freaked out a bit when I started reading up on it all but a bit more relaxed now. I realise there is nothing I can do and delivery is so far away. Please God all will go well. From what I've read anti E usually only has mild to moderate effects on the baby. However there doesn't seem to be much research into it. My main concern is that I'm in Ireland and a good distance from a fetal medical expert. I'm sure my consultant will know what it's all about and refer me if necessary but just want to be able to speak up and request extra blood tests if necessary. I'm abit afraid I'll be fobbed off and not tested again until 28 weeks. My initial blood test that showed up the antiE didn't state titre levels either but presume the next tests will. Is there a higher risk on each subsequent pregnancy of having a higher titre level due to more exposure to a baby that is antigen e positive??

Angelto5 Tue 25-Nov-14 20:29:52

I have anti e anti bodies & am also b positive. It was picked up in my third pregnancy.Apart from a little jaundice & time under the phototherapy lights with dc3 & 4 everything was fine.

It was dc5 that had problems. My levels were monitored closely after 28 weeks & were about every 2 weeks towards the end.i went into labour naturally @ 39+4 with dd weighing 6lb8oz (I have small babies anyway). I was told as soon as she was born they would take blood from the cord. Two days later (we were still in hosp & having regular blood tests taken) she was moved down to neonatal as her levels had gone very high. She was put under triple lights.her levels were very unpredictable -three lights ,two lights,one light,
levels went up so back to two etc .... Finally allowed home 11 days old but still had to go for more bloods at consultants clinic. Unfortunately she became anaemic & needed a blood transfusion but since she's had it she's a lovely colour ,more alert (jaundice made her very sleepy) & she has no lasting effects.
You will also be given a card to carry with you in case you need medical treatment requiring a blood transfusion in the future.
Hth & good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

Me2Me2 Tue 25-Nov-14 23:29:22

I had anti C, which required the same protocol of regular blood tests, going to every 2 weeks from 30 weeks. It was all very worrying but levels remained low and baby born fine, no jaundice. Hope it goes well for you. It is difficult to hear that there is no prevention like for anti-D, but from what I researched the situation is very manageable if prepared (phototherapy etc)

Monkey29 Fri 28-Nov-14 23:10:56

Thanks girls, really appreciate the replies. I had my first scan today and baby is perfect. Only 9 weeks yet. Discussed my concerns about the antibodies with the midwife that scanned me so she has arranged an earlier booking apt for me with my preferred consultant for 14weeks and will have another scan that day. Am delighted now. Booking apts in my hospital usually don't happen until 18 weeks so glad to be getting in a bit earlier. Am going to get hubby to have bloods taken in advance so results will be back for my first apt.

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