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When the type of movement changes

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MrsCK Tue 25-Nov-14 06:25:36

I'm aware if there's change in the frequency of movements then it's best to get checked out but how about the type of movements? I still felt some kicks yesterday but they were mainly rolls whereas before the swishing rolling movements were less regular. I'm 30+5

tiggy2610 Tue 25-Nov-14 06:33:25

28+5 here so slightly behind you but babies movements have definitely become more swooshes and rolls than kicks recently. I spoke to the midwife who said that was normal as he got bigger and they all count as movement.

MrsCK Tue 25-Nov-14 08:06:39

Ah brilliant thank you!

mrshjb Tue 25-Nov-14 08:36:24

I'm 30+6 and I get some big jabs still but no where near as many as a few weeks ago, it's mainly what I call ripples now! I have an anterior placenta too so I don't think I feel the intensity of every movement. Have my 31 week midwife appointment today so will ask and get back to you!

mrshjb Tue 25-Nov-14 14:47:56

Midwife said it's perfectly normal as baby grows for the movements to be less sharp. Obviously gave me the line about making sure you ring up if you're concerned about anything though.

MrsCK Tue 25-Nov-14 16:22:36

Thanks mrsh I did think that it was probably to do with size. he's definitely moving but more rolly!

mrshjb Tue 25-Nov-14 16:30:48

Yeah that's what I'm feeling more of now, makes perfect sense that they don't have the room to stretch out the same now! I'm having a little boy too smile

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