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What do you eat in a day?

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kelliebrookexoxo Mon 24-Nov-14 21:31:46

Hi ladies,
I'm new here and this is my first post (yay!!) I'm 16 weeks pregnant today and cannot stop eating! I'm a pig! I have always had a big appetite and have managed to get away with it staying at about a size 10/12. But since being pregnant I have put on loads of weight! I was a 30e-24-38 and am now a 32ff-24-42!! My boobs, hips, and bum have ballooned and my bump is ma-hoosive considering how far along I am. So, what I want to know is what you mums-to-be are eating and how this has changed from your usual diet? My friend told me that really I don't need that many extra calories now that I'm pregnant.

This was what I ate today:

B'fast: 1/2 pink grapefruit; Bowl of porridge made with 180ml semi-skimmed milk + 30g of dark chocolate peanut butter; cup of coffee with milk and 2x tsp brown sugar; cup of tea (no sugar in my teas).

Post-workout snack: 1x pear; 1x whey protein shake with water.

11 o'clock: 4x lotus biscuits; cup of tea.

Lunch: Honey salmon toasted sandwich (using brown bread and olive spread) with Baby leaf salad; Blueberry Danio yoghurt; 2x Freddos; cup of tea.

Then went to cinema with DH as it's day off and shared with him: Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra ice-cream (1/2 tub), a packet of Haribo Supermix (I ate all the green and purple jelly babies and all the milk bottles as these are my fave haha! so 1/3 of a bag approx); can of Diet Coke.

At home, another cup of tea.

Late-ish dinner: Lamb Shank in red wine sauce, with 6x rosemary and garlic roast potatoes, and peas!! Usually my dinners are a bit healthier than this put still huge portions.

Dessert: about 20 black frozen grapes.
Now eating a small bag of Percy Pigs!! OINK OINK indeed!

This is what I've been eating like most days for about 12 weeks now! Help!!!


holds breath and presses the post button

GooseRoasties Mon 24-Nov-14 21:38:21

I'm 37 weeks and my appetite goes up and down.

Today Ive eaten 2 oranges, apple, pear, large curry dinner and a massive bowl of ice cream and some biscuits, glass of milk, like 3 cups of tea and lots of squash... My appetite isn't very good today though.. On a good day it'll be 3 times this

At the beginning of my pregnancy and the worst of my sickness I hardly ate also... But once I discovered I could actually feel better with eating I would eat like a horse... and my diet would compare to something like yours.

Foggymist Mon 24-Nov-14 21:46:01

You're eating lots of sugar, between the fruit and the sweets/chocolate/half a tub of icecream! Half a tub is a lot of servings of it. I like how you "even it out" with a diet coke though ;)

kelliebrookexoxo Mon 24-Nov-14 21:50:30

Muahaha I know! I only like the diet kind though Foggymist! Yeah my teeth are probably gonna fall out at this rate lol

Rebecca1608 Mon 24-Nov-14 21:54:38

I'm only almost 9 weeks pg with twins and my eating varies sometimes there's not enough food to be had in my house and today I've had cereal a bowl of soup and salmon New potatoes and fresh salmon. Usually size 10 too. Find size 12 work trousers comfier now though lol

ArgyMargy Mon 24-Nov-14 21:58:46

Well I hope you're planning to breast feed otherwise you're going to struggle to lose all that extra weight.

Mrsgrumble Mon 24-Nov-14 22:01:22

39 weeks

Today - cupful of Cheerios and skim milk with a pear

Once slice wholemeal toast and scrambled egg with a milky coffee

A sausage, beans and scoop of mash

Tea and wafer biscuit

Not great - eating far too much processed food this pregnancy

Pisghetti Mon 24-Nov-14 22:03:19

I lived off haribo and diet coke through my first pregnancy. My teeth didn't thank me!

I've had a pretty sensible day today with occasional hiccups.... Breakfast was bran flakes with a sprinkling of dried fruit and semi skimmed milk, a glass of grape juice (not a euphemism for wine wink), snack of a small bag of quaver type crisps from aldi, lunch was a tin of tomato soup, a tiger roll and and apple, snack of 2x small bags of quaver type crisps (oh dear), dinner was a dried pasta n sauce mix (quality.... hmm) with spinach and quorn pieces stirred in and a small chocolate bar, just had some fizzy fangs (veggie sweets from Morrisons) which I fancied after thinking about haribo!

Pisghetti Mon 24-Nov-14 22:04:45

Oh and I'm 24 weeks and I've gained 4lbs so far (goes up and down though)

Foggymist Mon 24-Nov-14 22:06:27

I'd be more concerned about gestational diabetes than your teeth, as this is short term for your teeth. I have two relatives who ate tons of fruit during pregnancy and thought it was fine and both got gestational diabetes and were told to stop eating so fecking much fruit.

I never answered what I eat, I'm 18 weeks. For breakfast I have bran flakes with banana and blueberries with skimmed milk. Before I wouldn't really eat cereals because they're crap but A. I need the fibre and B. I'm craving cold milk and cereal.

For lunch I have soup, some kind of salad, beans on toast, leftover dinner (cottage pie etc). For dinner I'm eating the same as usual, I'm just dividing it into two smaller meals because I can't eat as much but get hungrier again later. I have stirfries, meat/potato/veg, homemade fajitas, homemade pizza, lots of stuff. For snacks I have apples (I'm not normally an apple eater but am craving them), fresh orange juice (more cravings), and I have a stash of salt and vinegar crisps (the most bizarre craving) because they are the only thing I can eat when I get nauseous, I eat 3 or 4 when I need them. I also have a tub of icecream in the freezer for when I have heartburn and crave cold things, I just have a few little scoops, the last Ben&Jerrys size tub lasted me two weeks, eating a bit nearly every day (shame on me but it's the only thing that helps).

I've started drinking much more water in a vain attempt to ease the bloating/constipation sad

kelliebrookexoxo Mon 24-Nov-14 22:07:16

You girls eat nothing in comparison to me! And you all sound so healthy! This is my first baby and boy did I not know what was coming! My poor DH is shocked, confused and repulsed by my new eating habits lol ;)

Rebecca1608 Mon 24-Nov-14 22:10:14

It depends what I can keep down most days I'm very healthy. Yesterday it was a sausage bap. Burger King then spaghetti Bolognese! Ha ha.

Foggymist Mon 24-Nov-14 22:10:57

God when I read that back I realise how much my cravings, or more so, the only things I can stomach, are dictating my diet these days, so many things make me feel ugh.

I've put on about half a stone, but I'm still in my normal size 12 clothes, everything still fits (no idea where it's living tbh).

Foggymist Mon 24-Nov-14 22:14:26

Just saw your new post. This is my first too, and I'm just really conscious of not wanting to put on weight or get into bad eating habits, because of the family history of the diabetes and I don't want to have to lose it after. I am struggling enough with the squishy bit sticking out over the front of my jeans now, I don't want to be miserable looking at myself next year!

I have bad days too, where I get burger and chips or whatever, but it makes the "digestive issues" worse so it's not worth it. Eating what I wanted for a little while a few weeks ago taught me very quickly about the side effects of that carb and fat filled diet, so I am doing my best to be good and eat normally.

Rebecca1608 Mon 24-Nov-14 22:14:58

I crave pure orange juice. Plain walkers crisps. I'm going to balloon. I'm getting a bump already @ 9 wks!

Snaveanator Mon 24-Nov-14 22:15:50

During early pregnancy I lived off Percy pigs and dominos pizzas! 18 weeks now and
Breakfast: wholemeal porridge with water/ flax seed/ chia seeds/ coconut oil

Lunch: 3 bean vegan chilli with wholemeal rice

Dinner: baked potato with ham and egg salad

Snacks: dried fruit and peanut butter from the jar

I only drink water or herbal tea too! No added sugar!

Definitely watch your sugar intake, gestational diabetes can lead to a very big baby and can be quite dangerous!

Racheyg Mon 24-Nov-14 22:18:05

Since I gave birth to my son 16 months ago have been on a diet now I'm 3 months pregnant I am eating what ever takes my fancy as I feel so sick all the time. Today I've eaten 2x toast with jam. 2 clementines, 1 muller yogurt, 1 large pink lady, tin of heniz chicken soup and 2x bread and butter, 1 orange, prawn cocktail crisps (never liked them before) sesame snacks, sour chew sweets x 3 half bag of chips 3x cheeses and crackers. I am like a ganet and nothing is going to stop's to another couple of years of dieting after baby no2 born

kelliebrookexoxo Mon 24-Nov-14 22:38:01

I am very active, lots of walking, dance, and exercise so that helps me not turn into something like Violet from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory but I can't stop tinking bout food! Tbh my legs, arms, and face and that have stayed the same. It's just that my a*se is becoming a bit of a joke, and i'm not laughing! And my boobs look ridiculous! You're right about the diabetes though, I need to cut out down on the crap!

PerpetualStudent Mon 24-Nov-14 23:51:23

This is my first pregnany, Im 13 weeks now & as the sickness/tiredness feels like a constant hangover Im eating accordingly!
Im also moving house, which means cooking/routines are totally up in the air - today is a particularly shameful example:

Small bowl shredded wheat with full fat milk
2 slices wholemeal toast with scrambled eggs
Tracker bar
Tea with sugar
1/2 tesco pizza
Slice toast with boursin
Rocket ice lolly (only one is odd for me right now, can eat 6 a day!)
Sugar (but not sweetener) free cranberry juice
Dirty chinese - grilled dumplings, spring rolls and fried noodles with beef
Hot chocolate

This is not how I ate pre-pregnancy! Reading you ladies' days is making me think I need to get back into the veg!!

Burmama Tue 25-Nov-14 08:37:06

My appetite has nosedived since entering third trimester - was eating so much more in second. But anyway, here goes. What I ate yesterday (30 weeks): - muesli w raisins and full fat milk, apple, chicken baguette w side salad, chocolate chip cookie, two oranges, chicken and broccoli w cous cous

superbfairywren Tue 25-Nov-14 09:06:28

Your diet will likely change a few times throughout the pregnanacy. The first 16or so weeks of my pregnancy I hardly touched a vegetable. All I could stomach with the nausea and sickness were carbs so I ate a ridiculous amount of crisps, chips and jacket potatoes. I managed fruit juice diluted with water and just made sure I took extra vitamins. After the nausea eased I managed to start eating some veg, mainly raw carrots and red pepper and my diet started to become more normal. Now I eat relatively well, am 39weeks and have been able to stomach green veg etc since about 25weeks.

Yesterday I ate granola with strawberries and natural yoghurt, macaroni cheese for lunch(not so healthy) then a small portion of beef and mushroom stew with roast parsnips for dinner. I am slightly obsessed with milk and ice cream (not new in pregnanacy but heightened) and so also had a milkshake made with semi skimmed milk, a banana and 2 scoops of ice cream. I have eaten less than pre pregnancy for most of the last 39weeks but I definitely ate too much beforehand and so am quite grateful for the lack of appetite which has meant I lost some weight and havent put much back on.

dayspringjubilee Tue 25-Nov-14 09:14:35

I think I'm the worst of the lot! I get starving about once an hour early in the day, then I'm more full at night. Yesterday...

Egg sandwich from Subway (mostly just the egg and cheese, leaving the bread), cappuccino, instant porridge, half a pastrami sandwich, more pastrami with a cracker, two tiny chocolate Santas, Italian chicken soup, half a cheese sandwich, chocolate chip muffin (FULL size), low-fat yogurt, duck salad with breadsticks, a few dark chocolate chips, two brownies, and a handful of wholewheat crackers. I'm probably forgetting something!!


Olive1987 Tue 25-Nov-14 09:44:22

I'm also 16 weeks today. I've had hyperemesis and it's just about starting to ease so I've not been eating a great deal.
This is what I had yesterday -
Croissant for breakfast
Left over rice for lunch
Baby bel bag of crisps and a little cake for a snack about 4ish
blush Turkey dinosaurs and curly fries blush for dinner
Bag of watsits about 9 before bed

It's all so unhealthy. sad but that kind of stuff is all I fancy at the moment.

bev26 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:04:33

I couldn't stop eating from 15 weeks, I put on so much weight so fast..... I'm now 21 weeks and have gestational diabetes, cut down on the sugars xx

TinyMonkey Tue 25-Nov-14 10:07:05

Porridge made with water, drizzle of agave nectar and handful of blueberries
2x tea with drop of semi skimmed

Bowl of homemade celeriac soup, two small pieces of spelt bread and cheddar

Homemade flapjack

Bowl of homemade ribollita (cannellini bean/tomato/Savoy cabbage)

I'm 38 weeks though and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks. I'm glad really as I haven't gained any more weight since then and should be almost pre-pregnancy weight after my c-section next week.

The first trimester was the worst as, although I didn't suffer sickness or nausea, I completely went off fresh fruit or veg and so was eating lots of carbs and sugar. Second trimester I was back to normal. Looking at what you're eating op I would try and cut down on the amount of crappy sugary shit if you can.

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