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Could I be pregnant?!

(6 Posts)
Mummyof2princesses Mon 24-Nov-14 20:52:05

My husband and I are trying to conceive our third child. My last 3 cycles have been irregular (sept:33 days, October 21 days) I had unprotected sex a week before my period was due. 9 days later I bled but only for 3 days, which is unusual for me- could I be pregnant? I'm not at all sure when I ovulate. I feel tired, sick, snappy, tingly/ itchy nipples, bloated and hungry all the time!!

Bondy83 Mon 24-Nov-14 20:54:28

Only 1 way to find out poaswink

Mummyof2princesses Mon 24-Nov-14 20:55:45

The problem is because I have irregular periods I don't know when to test?

Bondy83 Mon 24-Nov-14 21:00:08

Maybe test in the morning and again maybe in a weeks time if tomorrow's is negative & af doesn't start

Mummyof2princesses Mon 24-Nov-14 21:04:41

Thank you! It's driving me crazy! confused but I think it's because I want it so much x

Mummyof2princesses Tue 25-Nov-14 12:22:48

Done a test this morning but it was BFN!!! sad

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