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5 weeks and worried about bleeding.

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Funkubus Mon 24-Nov-14 20:31:38

I'm 5 and a half (ish) weeks pregnant, with my first, and I'm quite worried about my "spotting" I've done a lot of reading in the past few days about spotting and bleeding, especially during the time your first period should be due. But this afternoon I had what I would consider to be quite a heavy bleed with a large clot (sorry for the graphicness) I rang the midwife who said I needed to go for a scan, which I am booked in for on Wednesday, which is only the day after tomorrow, but I've had such awful stomach/back ache, exactly like my regular period pains but to be fair maybe not quite as painful as usually they are crippling, and with the bleeding I'm very concerned I've miscarried. But basically I'm asking any Mums out there if they've had similar, if I should be worried or try not to think about it. Thanks.

TinyWishes Mon 24-Nov-14 20:36:07

I'm not a mum (yet ttc) but calm down first try not to stress and first thing in the morning call your midwife and pop yourself down to your local hospital if your still passing blood.

Spotting is normal but if you have cramps/significant blood loss then it's better to get checked out sooner.

I'd be saying go now but someone to scan you probably won't be around.

Or you could book a private scan. If you google it you'll see you in your area. Let us know how you get on.

Please don't worry xxxx

thesmallbear Mon 24-Nov-14 20:42:30

Hi OP, it could be the sign of something bad, but some women also have bleeds like this and their babies turn out fine.

I wouldn't bother with a private scan, as if the worst does happen the NHS won't accept it and you'll be in limbo for longer. Go to your scan on Wednesday. If the bleeding gets any heavier (more than your usual period) go to A&E.

Funkubus Mon 24-Nov-14 21:06:06

Thank you for the advice, the midwife did say if I have any really heavy bleeding to go to A&E straight away. The bleeding has let up considerably but the pain is atrocious. Just going to try and get some sleep and hope I feel better in the morning.
Also is it safe to take paracetamol regularly or should I avoid it? Usually when I have period pains like this I take ibuprofen (which I know I'm not allowed to) every four hours, should I just take some paracetamol when the pain is really unbearable or keep on top of the doses to keep the pain at bay? Sorry for the all the questions!

thesmallbear Mon 24-Nov-14 21:15:59

Parecetemol is fine, please don't suffer. Sorry you are going through this sad

jugglingmonkey Mon 24-Nov-14 21:21:11

Hi Funk, couldn't read and run.

I recently went through this, it didn't work out well for me, I'm sorry to say. You'll know before too long if it's a miscarriage- either you'll bleed heavily, or the scan will confirm it on Weds.

I do hope it turns out well for you though. Fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts.

Rebecca1608 Mon 24-Nov-14 21:21:57

I'm really sorry to hear you're going through such a hard time at the moment I'm not a mum yet but I'm almost 9 weeks gone, for a couple of weeks on and off I had consistent pain and a couple of bleeds. Heavy/not heavy and clotty also. I got referred from my GP to hospital. I had an early scan which showed I was having identical twins so everything is stretching more quickly. Try not to worry and see someone as soon as you can its normal yo worry (been there) but there are other reasons for bleeding not just miscarriage. My thoughts are with you and hope you and baby/babies are ok! X

jugglingmonkey Mon 24-Nov-14 21:22:00

And when I say heavily, I mean for a prolonged time. I've heard some women have heavy spotting that is harmless.

Purplecircle Mon 24-Nov-14 21:25:58

I hope the outcome for you is better than mine but it sounds like you should prepare yourself for the worst.
I was 5 weeks and had some spotting which got heavier then passed a couple of large bright red clots. I continued to bleed heavily for a few days.
On the 2nd day I went to A&E where they did little more than a pregnancy test which came up negative
Unfortunately there is nothing they can do and will tell you to let nature take its course

Funkubus Mon 24-Nov-14 21:28:47

Thank you all so much for your advice and kind words. And a special hug for you jugglingmonkey. I usually have very very heavy periods so maybe this is what is "normal" for me. One way or another I will find out on Weds. Hopefully I'll be able to tell the whole family the good news at Christmas smile
Going to nag the father for a back rub now to ease the ache! Xxx

Funkubus Mon 24-Nov-14 21:33:08

And a hug for purplecircle. Heart breaking to hear. Xxx

NeedaDiscoNap Mon 24-Nov-14 21:34:14

Hi Funkubus. I have had episodes of bleeding in pregnancy - one ended in miscarriage, one ended in my lovely 6 month old DD.

I would echo what previous posters have said. Bleeding with clots is usually not great, but it does not have to mean the worst. It will seem like Wednesday is ages away - I hope the wait isn't too agonising for you. If your pregnancy does progress (I'm sorry to write it like that, it sounds so clinical) make sure you push for monitoring if you have further bleeds - they can do things to help with this (PM me if you want more detail later, don't want to go into too much detail here).

Keep us updated and take care of yourself flowers

Purplecircle Mon 24-Nov-14 21:42:47

Yep absolutely heartbreaking. It was 4 months ago and milestones keep happening. Worst yet was bumping into someone due same time as me.
I'm keeping everything crossed for a positive outcome for you

One important thing...don't use tampons as they can cause infection

Funkubus Wed 26-Nov-14 16:47:14

Was confirmed that I have miscarried at five and a half weeks. Heartbroken and devastated. But thank you to everyone who replied with advice and kind words.

Sarkymare Wed 26-Nov-14 17:08:34

Oh funkubus I'm so sorry to hear that flowers

I hope you have plenty of support right now?

TinyWishes Wed 26-Nov-14 17:18:42

So sorry to hear that thanks been thinking of you. X

NeedaDiscoNap Wed 26-Nov-14 17:25:02

i'm so sorry funkubus. Take care of yourself thanks.

Do you have people you can talk to?

thesmallbear Wed 26-Nov-14 17:42:04

I'm so sorry funkubus. The miscarriage board was a great support to me when I was in your situation. Hugs flowers

Brummiegirl15 Wed 26-Nov-14 19:32:41

funkbus I'm so sorry for your loss.

When you feel up to it, the TTC after mc thread is invaluable and was a huge support and still is to me after 2 x mc.

Thinking of you

Jodie1982 Wed 26-Nov-14 19:36:01

Oh bless you. sad
So sorry to hear your sad news.
Hope the next few days r kind on you. X

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