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need advice asap on tests

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coolcat135 Mon 24-Nov-14 00:20:52

Hi there I done to cheap tests in morning came up positive straight away tad faint but still noticable then done a reveal test at half 11 at night And came up bright positive but done a boots one this afternoon negative any advice should I go with the reveal one and cheapys?? Thanks .

Bumpandbaby2014 Mon 24-Nov-14 05:21:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coolcat135 Mon 24-Nov-14 06:48:27

Reveal are very sensitive

woodwaj Mon 24-Nov-14 07:20:25

Make sure you are using your first urine of the day and try again. You only need 1 though smile congrats

coolcat135 Mon 24-Nov-14 20:35:32

Thanks xx

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