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Near the end of the pregnancy

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nadinekittie Sun 23-Nov-14 15:42:40

Hi ladies

So I'm 35 weeks so due very soon but as I'm coming towards the end it feels weird, I am more happier as was very depressed in the beginning but feel more relaxed and excited to meet my son. Its been a long battle this pregnancy I didn't get to enjoy it as stuff happen in my life. Anyway my questions is did anyone have a bad pregnancy with depression and was ok after the baby was born ? as I know a lot of ladies can suffer post natal depression after birth ? is it possible to have the depression in pregnancy and not after the birth ?

blackwidow74 Sun 23-Nov-14 22:48:19

I had pre natal depression with dc3 but didn't carry it through beyond his delivery ... dc4 I experienced no depression at all! Hope you sail through the next few weeks with that same positive mindset of meeting your little one and having lots of cuddles smile

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