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Are clear blue digital accurate

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Swanny84 Sun 23-Nov-14 11:47:24

Morning all, according to my missed period date im 6 weeks 1 day preg, however clear blue saying 2-3 weeks.
Just wondering if they were accurate for anyone or not? Xx thank you xx

Augustwedding Sun 23-Nov-14 11:54:22

I have heard they might not give accurate dates but accurate in terms of being positive or not.


Swanny84 Sun 23-Nov-14 12:24:49

Awww that's what I'm hoping. Thank you. Just feels a long time till you get scanned now. I don't see midwife till 19th (dates say I'll be 10 weeks) then apparently she makes scan date. Used to be scanned at 8 weeks with my last baby who's 6. Nervous time when you want reassurance everything is ok xxx

Sarkymare Sun 23-Nov-14 12:32:14

Clear blue only dates you from conception whereas a doctor would date you from your LMP which is why you would need to add on two weeks to your clear blue result.

With saying that the conception indicator is by no means accurate anyway and I find it causes more worry than anything else.

I took one exactly a week ago at just under 6 weeks and got a result of 2-3.

Swanny84 Sun 23-Nov-14 13:35:39

Congratulations ��all these gorgeous july babies due ❤️
Thanks for replying. Just on the countdown to seeing him/her on screen �� xxx

Sarkymare Sun 23-Nov-14 14:42:13

Are you on the due in July thread?

Swanny84 Sun 23-Nov-14 19:18:26

No not sure how to do it xxx

Jenninlw Sun 23-Nov-14 20:45:23

It wasn't accurate for me - I think I was over 7 weeks before I got my 3+ - i wish I hadn't kept buying them as it worried me so much! I'm now nearly 38 weeks so all ok here smile

Swanny84 Sun 23-Nov-14 21:41:00

Thank you. I'm worried as mine is 2-3 weeks but should be over 6. Thinking of paying for a private scan as so worried everything is ok but don't want too if too early. They saying you need to be 7 weeks. I forgot how worrying these early weeks are. Good luck with birth xxx

Bumpandbaby2014 Mon 24-Nov-14 05:26:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Swanny84 Mon 24-Nov-14 22:45:38

Awwwww ❤️ We've booked an early scan and they said if they can't see baby as dates are wrong etc they'll re-try for free at later date so fingers crossed all is good xxx

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