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I'm nervous about Employers attitude to my pregnancy health problems.... Anyone got any legal advice?

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M2T Thu 15-Apr-04 17:12:27

Following on from my thread about raised BP and Headaches..... I thought I'd start another one asking for advice.

Quick summary... BP has been high since 22wks, I'm 24wks now. I was monitored at daycare today where my BP dropped, so I was allowed home with orders to rest.

The hospital told me that the travelling to and from the head office of my work carrying a laptop is probably aggravating it and if I don't slow down I will end up being admitted. I work between the site office (5miles from my door) and the head office which is 1.5 hrs and 3 forms of public transport away! I phoned my boss to tell him the score and to suggest that I work from the site office until I leave for mat leave in 9wks time..... he was less than nice!

He told me he NEEDED me in the head office (that's ridiculous coz they don't, I have a laptop and a phone)..... and that he was seeking advice from the Personnel Director about his next course of action. WHAT THE FU**??

He really wasn't nice and I came off the phone and burst into tears. I have tried to speak to my Union, but can't get hold of anyone until next week. In the meantime I feel like a sitting duck..... what CAN he do? Surely they can't make me start my Mat Leave at 24 wks? I only get 6wks pay then it drops to £100 per week. I'm sure this worrying is probably effecting my BP now.

I just want to be informed as to what course of action they can take against me. I don't even know whether I'll get full sick pay if I'm signed off as the Company Intranet doesn't really tell you much. I don't want to give up work.... I was offering him a viable and reasonable alternative which would allow me to continue to work fulltime without the large commute, but he seemed totally disinterested.

Just what I needed.

mears Thu 15-Apr-04 17:17:16

Posted this on your other thread. You have protection in law - here is a leaflet explaining

Freckle Thu 15-Apr-04 17:19:02

have a look here

If you can't find what you want here, let me know and I'll see if I can get more info later.

Mo2 Thu 15-Apr-04 17:20:17

M2T - I'm sure someone else will post with more information, but just wanted to post quickly to say poor you - how terrible. Employers have a duty of care I'm sure and should all carry out a risk assessment for pregnant employees, so I'm sure something liek this would form part of it. Chances are he's an ar**hole who doesn't know what he's talking about and the HR director will tell him to shut his trap or else the company could be liable for all sorts of things.

Tinker Thu 15-Apr-04 17:26:00

Trouble at Work

Try this site M2T

M2T Thu 15-Apr-04 17:36:24

Thanks SO much! All this information is marvellous... I can't wait to hear what he says to me after he speaks to Personnel....

beansprout Thu 15-Apr-04 17:57:13

M2T - I'm really sorry your boss is being such a complete and utter tw*t, as it is so avoidable and I'm sure, the last thing you need.

I agree that any HR person worth their salt will tell your boss where to get off. There is a clear risk attached to the extra travelling and a really easy way 'round it. Your employer is obliged to make appropriate adjustments, and cannot force you to go on maternity leave early just because they cannot be arsed to do this.

This is a very straightforward health and safety issue and as you know, your union rep/offical will be able to support you all the way.

Best of luck with this, please let us know how you get on.

twiglett Thu 15-Apr-04 18:08:24

message withdrawn

kbaby Thu 15-Apr-04 18:45:56

What a tw*t your boss is. I know legally you cant start maternity leave until your 29 weeks pregnant so your actually being very helpful by offering to work at site as the alternative is that you get a doctors note and sign off sick until 29 weeks, which would give him something to moan about. Like the others have said im sure once hes spoken to HR he will be put right.
I had to have a few weeks off on the sick and when I went back to work at 26 weeks they agreed I could work part time as they prefered that instead of me being off sick.

GeorginaA Thu 15-Apr-04 19:07:17

What a twunt!

Don't have anything constructive to say (and everyone else has done the ace advice bit) but wanted to send you a virtual hug. I'll be thinking of you over the next few weeks.

lars Thu 15-Apr-04 19:20:45

M2T glad to hear that you have found some good advice. Let us know what happens next with your boss. I bet you will sleep better tonight knowing that the law is on your side. Good luck larsxx

sweetkitty Thu 15-Apr-04 20:15:34

Idiot - print off the advice and shove it under his nose that will shut him up.

Would he expect a man with a broken leg to travel all that way - no!

Keep us posted, good luck!

sis Thu 15-Apr-04 20:28:35

M2T, sorry I missed this earlier but as usual, mumsnetters have come up with the goods so I hope you are feeling more confident of your position. Now sit back, relax and wait for the backtracking from your boss...

nightowl Fri 16-Apr-04 02:37:55

just to echo what the others have said really, it prob says in the leaflets that you are entitled to a risk assessment and alternative work amongst other things so i hope he has to eat his words. Stupid idiot! god how i wish men had to be pregnant

M2T Fri 16-Apr-04 08:18:21

Morning all,

I'm in the local site office today awaiting his call! The Project Manager here has said he is more than willing for me to work from that office so can't see a problem.... just have to see what the Dept. Manager says.

This company has a reputation for firing first....dealing with the law suit later! The Directors PA was fired on her return from Mat Leave for not getting along with the Director.... she ended up with a £20k pay off..... but a court case isn't something I feel I could cope with just now.

Let's hope he has calmed down and the HR have slapped his wrists a bit about the way he's dealt with this. I'll post after 'the phone call'.

You're all wonderful BTW!


beansprout Fri 16-Apr-04 09:06:47

M2T - will keep my fingers firmly crossed for you. Hope it goes ok today and that we get a happy posting from you later!!

My one other bit of advice would be to get his decision, and the basis for it, in writing, if you can. If he won't, you can always put your "understanding" of the situation in writing and that way he will be more likely to respond to you, as there will then be record of what he has done and he is likely to want to respond to that. Or, you could correspond with HR if you need to.

Hope it doesn't start going down that road and that twat face sees sense. Best of luck.

pollingfold Fri 16-Apr-04 09:17:41

Glad to hear that the BP has gone down, but can't believe your treatment by work. Why are people like this?

Don't know all the legal ramifications or entitlements, as this could be driven in part by your contract, but one important thing to do is write down every conversation that you have and exactly what was said. This is a great record if ever they try and stuff you. Start with yesterdays conversation while it is still fresh in your mind.

Hope that he come grovelling back to your, and apologies for his rude behaviour

coppertop Fri 16-Apr-04 09:20:10

I don't have any advice but just wanted to wish you the very best of luck. xx

PotPourri Fri 16-Apr-04 13:53:33

Good luck M2T. Any news yet?

Northerner Fri 16-Apr-04 13:56:41

Just read this thread.

What with everything else I hope you get this sorted. Do let us know.

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