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levi1984 Fri 21-Nov-14 18:08:36

Hi I first started bleeding around 11 weeks, it was only 1 gush of blood every couple of weeks they scanned me and checked heartbeat each time and everything was fine with the baby

since about 19 weeks I've pretty much bled every day with some bleeds being worse than others! I had my 20w scan on Friday 14/11/14 they advised me the only thing that can be causing the bleeding is a low placenta, baby was fine and healthy and had a strong heartbeat

I went away very reassured and happy, however on Friday night I had my worst bleed so far and was in hospital for a few hours, the blleding stopped and heartbeat was strong. I was advised as I'm only 20 weeks there's nothing that can be done really which I understand. I went home and had a consultant app on Monday, he put me on bed rest and advised me to admit myself to hosp if I get anymore heavy bleeds

So far I've not had anything to heavy maybe enough to soak half a pad each day, I'm just going out of my mind with constant worry it's awful I'm upset 24/7 and I'm worried! I understand that this sort of thing does happen but does anyone have any advice or anything at all that may help me xxx I'm 21 weeks today

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