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Pregnant after miscarriage - spotting and panicking

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SashaKerr Fri 21-Nov-14 14:08:45

Hi all

My first ever MN thread, I don't know the abbreviations and my spelling is atrocious - be kind.

I have a 2 year old son, pregnancy went well.

I then had a missed miscarriage, diagnosed at 12 week scan, heartbeat stopped around 9 weeks, had been lighly spotting and pink blood only when I wiped.

I'm now 8.5 weeks pregnant (after one cycle following erpc) and today I saw some light blood on my knickers. Plus I felt hot and dizzy on the train. Plus clear blue says I'm pregnant but only 2-3 weeks. Plus I have the feeling like Ive got cystitus which I got last time when this happened, like I need to hold my insides in. Not much bleeding and minor cramping.

I feel like it's game over.

Would welcome anything really - a joke, a song, others experiences good or bad.

Thank you, if only for listening!

Pinkrach Fri 21-Nov-14 14:23:01

Hi Hun, I had several episodes of sitting before 12 weeks- I ended up having 3 early scans at the epac. My advice would be to either contact your early pregnancy unit, some allow you to self refer, or get in touch with your gp or midwife and get them to refer you for a scan. There is no point in worrying yourself sick.
I am now 27 weeks so it worked out ok for me.

So sorry for what you have previously been through- I've got my fingers crossed for you xxx

Pinkrach Fri 21-Nov-14 14:23:26

Ps- I meant several episodes of spotting!!

SashaKerr Fri 21-Nov-14 14:48:00

Thank you. I have a scan on Monday afternoon but it's just the whole weekend to worry and wait. As its so like last time we feel like we've lost the baby but just don't know really...

HollyBen Fri 21-Nov-14 15:09:10

Hi sasha sorry to hear about the mc and how you are feeling. I had an mc then dd followed by another mc and am currently 25 weeks pg. I know it is easier said tban done but try to remain calm. Lots of woman have spotting/bleeding and have healthy pregnancies. Step away from the clearblue tests, they are unreliable. Remember that today you are pregnant. There are a lovely bunch of ladies on the pg after mc thread. A great place for hand holding and reassurance. Pop in and say hi. Sorry I don't know how to do links. Bear with me and I will try xx

HollyBen Fri 21-Nov-14 15:18:42

Sorry can't work it out on my phone. Have a look under pregnancy. it's called something like yet another posifrickintivity pregnancy after miscarriage x

SashaKerr Fri 21-Nov-14 16:41:52

Thank you HollyBen - have found it and will take a look. Have had a (small) glass of wine, burger and chips since I first posted. No more bleeding but dull period ache. Very much like my MMC but who on earth knows, I just have no body instincts anymore. Thanks xx

N1982 Fri 21-Nov-14 18:45:58

Sasha could you go to A&E over the weekend? Just to put your mind at ease

SashaKerr Sat 22-Nov-14 14:10:36

Thank you. I could but would feel like I was wasting nhs time. I've only spotted the once now, yesterday. And mild period ache since. No blood today at all. But still clear blue test which said I was 2-3 weeks when I'm supposed to be 8 weeks pregnant.

Still have no idea what's happenin and just found out great friend is due same date as me. Fingers crossed but I may be in denial...

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