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chicken pox!!

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Bondy83 Fri 21-Nov-14 11:39:51

Hi I'm 26+1 with ds3 my ds2 has been sent home from school with suspected chicken pox! I had chicken pox myself as a child, if it turns out he does have chicken pox is there any harm to the baby?

WrappedInABlankie Fri 21-Nov-14 11:48:44

If you've had chicken poxs you're fine I was told by my gp it's only if you haven't

SilverLinings2014 Fri 21-Nov-14 13:34:09

If you've already had it you should be fine. It's very rare to get it twice but some people don't build a full immunity to it so it is possible. Your doctor should be able to organise a blood test to check your immunity - I had this yesterday after coming into contact with someone with it.

Babies are most at risk if they are born within 7 days of mum contracting it, which is unlikely in your case. But obviously you could be quite poorly if you got the virus now which wouldn't be great during pregnancy.

CathyNoodles Fri 21-Nov-14 14:30:12

If you had it before, it is highly unlikely you will get it now. I've come to do a lot of research on this over the past months! I didn't remember having had it, so when my toddler came down with it (when I was 6 weeks pregnant) I had a blood test and got checked for immunity. It turned out I didn't have immunity, and contracted it at around 7 weeks :-( I am now 38 weeks. All has looked OK on the scans but we will not know for certain that there were no effects during development until the baby gets checked out at birth. It is a very low chance though...

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