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If I told you.....

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Missymoo1987 Thu 20-Nov-14 21:24:51

I had sore boobs, an abundance of spots and feel ridiculously shattered every day no matter how much I sleep. What would you say????

WHAT if I then said I have been on the coil for about 3 years........

OhMjh Thu 20-Nov-14 21:27:26

Id ask if you were having periods because I know the coil can stop them - if so, are you late? I'd then tell you to take a test and also tell you that my coil fell out without me knowing and I'm now 40+1 with a surprise baby smile

ColgateSmile Thu 20-Nov-14 21:30:14

I'd tell you that's exactly how I felt when I was blissfully unaware I was pregnant with my second child (I'd had a copper coil for 3 years when I got pregnant).

impatienceisavirtue Thu 20-Nov-14 21:30:25

Welcome to some of the many awful coil side effects, probably

Titsalinabumsquash Thu 20-Nov-14 21:32:36

I fell pregnant on the Merina Coil!

All the drs I saw were shock apparently it's unheard of, that is until you google it and suddenly women by their hundreds will tell you about getting pregnant whilst using it.

Missymoo1987 Thu 20-Nov-14 21:43:25

Thanks for your replies! My periods stopped dead after about 3 months and since then I have had nothing at all. Every month I have no signs or systems that it is "my time of the month" - its been great!! Until now when I would quite like one!
I have checked and can still feel my strings so know it is still there. I don't know what to do - if I take a test and its negative it could be too soon as I have no idea of my times!!

Missymoo1987 Thu 20-Nov-14 21:44:39

Oh and this week suffered a random bout of Cystitis - lovely!

OhMjh Thu 20-Nov-14 21:56:56

Oh! OH's mum fell pregnant with him with the coil in..bloody baby came out holding the ruddy thing - there's food for thought!

thechinaclogs Thu 20-Nov-14 21:57:19

If you are pregnant then you're probably far enough on for a test given the symptoms. I know it's scary but go ahead and take it. If it's positive it's better to know early so you have plenty of time to think, and if it's negative well you can relax and focus on shaking off that mean bout of cystitis. Good luck hun.

DustWitch Thu 20-Nov-14 22:07:31

I have a mirena and have had a few scares! Every now and then my boobs feel very sore and swollen and I feel tired and sick. I run out to buy a pregnancy test which so far has been negative. This has happened on and off for the past four years confused

The only sure way to know is to do test (I would buy at least two, do one today leave it a week and do another) it is possible to fall pregnant with a coil but I have founds loads of posts online where others have had pregnancy like symptoms with the mirena coil.

m33r Thu 20-Nov-14 22:48:48

Both my DH and I are coil babies... Ironically it then took us 20minths of really trying to get pg ourselves hmm

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