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18 weeks Pregnant and lost one of my part time jobs! Money advice?

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Roseylee20 Thu 20-Nov-14 18:38:10

Hi everyone, haven't posted on here for a while!
I'm just over 18 weeks pregnant and in the past few weeks it's come to light that my boss is selling her shop.. Due to many reasons with not renewing the lease.. Costing too much money etc. The only money advice I can find on the internet is people asking could it be unfair dismissal, that is definately ruled out as 1. it's a member of my partners family, 2. I never had a contract 3. It's not pregnancy related it's just that she has decided to give her business up. I won't be entitled to any redundancy pay either (long story!). It is going to be just after Christmas that I am out of that job and I'm not sure how me and my partner are going to cope without that wage at the end of every week. My other part time job (8 1/2 hours a week) is still safe at the moment which I will hopefully be receiving maternity from, and which I currently get a monthly wage from. But the majority of my money came from my other job with me working 27 hours a week there. I've only ever claimed job seekers allowance once and that was only for a couple of months, and I remember it being such a pain and a long process. Is there any other benefit entitlement I would receive before the baby is here? Finding another part time job in between Jan and April (my due date) is obviously not really an option! Thanks in advance x

Roseylee20 Thu 20-Nov-14 18:39:27

I forgot to add, my partner does work full time, but it will still be a struggle as I'm sure we (well definately me) will miss my wage

slightlyinsane Thu 20-Nov-14 19:44:33

Hi, sorry to hear about your situation, losing a job is never easy.
I'm not trying to make things more difficult for you but unless you earn somewhere in the region of £16hr from your other job you won't qualify for statutory maternity pay. You will have to apply for maternity allowance instead which is a bit of form filling but easy enough. Not sure about your circumstances but would you qualify for working tax credits??
Once the shock has started to wear off you'll need to sit down and work out your necessities and the things you can live without. I'm sorry I'm not much help just wanted you to know your not alone many of us have been there.

couldbeanyone Thu 20-Nov-14 20:13:52

You should be able to get some temping work (depending on your skills etc) to cover you for that period, I would have thought?

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Thu 20-Nov-14 20:30:50

Is she selling the business (ie might be a job under new management) or closing up?

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