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21 Weeks, numbness of legs and lack of support. LONG.

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nerdsgirl Thu 20-Nov-14 18:05:28

Howdy all,
I've been experiencing some odd issues and wondered if anyone has any experience or insights.

Saturday past, i began experiencing a weird ache down the front of my shins in both legs, which gradually became unbearable and very painful to walk on. Imagine running down a mountain, the sort of strain your body takes from running where you've got to seriously work the muscles and control your balance. My ankles also felt like were going to explode at any given moment, and my feet were constantly freezing cold despite my efforts to keep them toasty. I had no swelling in either leg whatsoever.

I tried elevating my feet, soaking in the bath, drinking more water in case it was cramp, wrapping up more etc.
Then on the Monday i was sat down for almost an hour, and my legs went entirely numb, bare the pain in both ankles, from the shin to toes.
My initial thought, was crappy circulation.

I spent 7 hours, trying to get hold of a midwife over the phone. My midwife either never has her phone on, or is off ill. No midwives were available at all in my district and not able to do a call back, i had to ring every number in my notes before i was told to go to A&E. I had also called my gp and they told me it was normal to experience calf pain. I did NOT have calf pain. I took myself to the gp and a doctor saw me as an emergency. Decided to take bloods, and go from there.

Following morning, bloods taken but phlebotomist listened to me and gave me the vials, said go to local hosp (that doesnt have an A&E), there'll definitely be a midwife there that day.

At the hospital, i speak to a midwife who after a brief flick of my notes and assessment says, that she does not believe its pregnancy related and to try wearing less restrictive clothing.

At no point, despite my asking, has anyone taken my blood pressure, a urine sample, or checked the baby. He has been sluggish since this started (movement from 15 weeks, nice strong kicks since week 18, now just little movements).

Am i losing my mind?? Last night my right ankle had some minor swelling and i had an ache that stretched to my knee. Now i have pins and needles and a very dull ache in the same leg. And last night, i had a sharp pain within my right should like a bra strap digging in that kept me awake.
I'm not in any pain now, at all, but if i touch the back of my lower calfs, just above the ankles, it feel like they're covered in bruises - not cramp, but there is nothing on the skin surface.

Help sad

sarahbanshee Thu 20-Nov-14 18:09:17

If you are feeling less movement and you are numb and in pain, go to A&E. Reduced movement alone should = listen to heartbeat, maybe scan.

Rustyzilla Thu 20-Nov-14 21:11:37

Have you been on a long flight very recently?

nerdsgirl Thu 20-Nov-14 21:58:55

No, the first and only time ive ever flown was in September and it was a 2 hour flight. Dvt has been ruled out apparently

3littlefrogs Thu 20-Nov-14 22:04:09

You need a proper neurological examination and a general pregnancy check.
Go back to a&E if no-one else will help.

nerdsgirl Thu 20-Nov-14 22:51:49

Im ringing the midwife or community midwife first thing, but i have no way of getting to an a&e, the nearest hospital is miles away and i dont have the money for the bus. Id feel a time waster ringing an ambulance. The baby is kicking nice and strong tonight, but my mind wont be rested till someone tells me its not in my mind. Its the pressure of being told midwives are stretched that has gotten me frustrated, that attitude shouldnt be dumped on me when ive genuine symptoms or concerns.

Graciescotland Thu 20-Nov-14 23:38:11

I don't have any help regarding your symptoms but I totally sympathise with you being told the system is overstretched and being made to feel like an inconvenience. My pregnancy type needs to be scanned every two weeks and so every fortnight I stand in front of a receptionist and explain I've been asked to make another appointment in two weeks necessitating an explanation why, lots of sighing, gazing at computer, being told that the department is overstretched, some personal chat about various sonographor's being off and why. For example that somones mother has died, which is awful, they've come back to work and scanned me since but didn't strike me as a person who'd share this information with a patient. I do always get an appointment in the end which to me suggests that all the fuss is a bit unnecessary.

So far I'm being very British in a smiley, apologetic, insistent kind of way. Don't be fobbed off. If it's any consolation I've had a pregnancy that's been reclassified as high risk and if you have something that's recognised as serious then the care steps up considerably and the NHS is really very good. Not great when you need some peace of mind though.

nerdsgirl Fri 21-Nov-14 09:27:53

Precisely, im lucky that i know im low risk, and i feel okay in myself, but peace of mind is all im asking and i personally dont think its normal to lose complete sensation or mobility of your leg's, pregnant or not. Especially at 21 weeks, when im barely showing and the baby isnt lying on anything. Its not something I've experienced before!
I dont envy you though Graciescotland, you shouldn't have to be apologetic or the sympathetic ear to staffs personal lives, not in an arrogant sense, but it simply isnt professional. If your high risk, thats for them to deal wih appropriately and courteously, i think people forget what its like to be on the other side when theyre so wrapped up in there side.
Ive found out now why my midwife is never available and frankly, im just going to switch because her personal life is running into her professional which isnt her fault.

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