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Is anyone coping with third trimester insomnia and looking after a toddler?

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dottytablecloth Thu 20-Nov-14 04:17:12

If so how? sad

I'm 36 weeks and not sleeping well at all; I'm just so uncomfortable.

I'll sleep for a couple of hours and then wake around 1 and that's it.

Toddler is up around 5 each day; I've no idea how I'm young to cope with a newborn and an under 2.

Lack of sleep is driving me crazy.

Is it just me?

Hazchem Thu 20-Nov-14 04:19:56

well I'm not coping with it.
In tears last night over both wanting the baby to arrive and being terrified of coping with new born and my three year old.
No suggestions

butternut22 Thu 20-Nov-14 04:44:15

Hi. I don't feel like I am coping very well with it. My 2 year old has decided to start getting up at 5:30 when previously he had been waking at 7:30. I make sure I have a nap in the afternoon when.he he sleeps.

At least having a new born won't be a massive shock to the system like the first time because we will be exhausted already.

dottytablecloth Thu 20-Nov-14 04:50:34

sad. It's hard going but misery loves company.

I'm just getting so frustrated with lying awake and the more cross I get the less able I am to sleep.

Simple things like turning over in bed hurt and I'm feeling so sorry for myself!

butternut22 Thu 20-Nov-14 04:59:54

Me too I feel so sorry for myself. I am so tired and desperate for a wee now but I can't go because I don't want to risk waking toddler up!

Roonerspism Thu 20-Nov-14 05:10:00

Me... I also have a five year old and am still working. The kids have been ill for weeks, my work is a bastard and I feel like I am crumbling.....

I have been here before as it were and I can promise it gets easier. Take each day as it comes - tomorrow will look after itself. Do you have any support? Can you get yourself a nap any afternoon?

Also, afternoon telly is your friend, if toddler has dropped sleep. You can cuddle on sofa and get some precious catch up sleep.

It's tempting to live off cake when it's hard but I find trying to eat ok does improve my energy levels. Lots of water.

It will improve x

ChineseFireball Thu 20-Nov-14 05:17:34

Me too. 34+5. Still working f/t at the moment as well. Permanently shattered. I'm just resting whenever I can, taking up every offer of help and succumbing to cbeebies for the toddler.
It's tough, isn't it? Just as you want to be getting as much sleep as possible this nonsense starts. Ah well. One day I will sleep again...!

Hazchem Thu 20-Nov-14 05:46:02

In terms of the not sleeping thing what about practicing some deep breathing so it could be labour preparation. I'm trying to do something called Ujjayi breath but also like to do a counting thing. Basically you breath in and out pretty normally but slowly then think the number 1 as you breath in then think the number 1 as you breath out, then the next breath in you think one, two, then the same for the out breath. You keep doing that till you get to one, two, three, four , five, six, seven, eight then go back down again. the trick how ever is you have to start at one if another thought comes in. Rather than being frustrating it's sort of calming.

Innocuoususername Thu 20-Nov-14 05:47:55

If it's any consolation OP, after the exhaustion of looking after a toddler in the third trimester, looking after a toddler and a newborn was much less tiring. Yes, your sleep will be broken still, but I found that when I was able to sleep it was better quality sleep (able to turn over, no joint pain). Also once you've had the baby you'll be much more mobile and everything is physically easier. My energy levels went through the roof once the baby arrived! I'm still tired (and obviously still up early sad) but it's just so much easier than being pregnant. Not long now!

dottytablecloth Thu 20-Nov-14 07:13:36

Thanks, I'm glad there are other people who can relate to this.

I would have no problems leaving the TV on all day for my toddler. It he won't watch it for more than 2-3 mins before he wants me to play with him. I need to cook etc when he's sleeping as I get no peace otherwise.

I'm so happy to hear there is a chance I'll have more energy when the baby is born and won't feel like a walrus anymore.

dottytablecloth Thu 20-Nov-14 07:14:20

Like the idea of the deep breathing too!

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