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Anyone use a pregnancy support belt?

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Dogsmom Wed 19-Nov-14 13:19:24

Do they make any difference?

I'm 25+3 with dd2 and have been getting bump ache if I stand up for any length of time, sometimes the pain is quite intense and I need to sit down for the pain to ease, my bump isn't overly big and measures bang on the middleof the chart.

I didn't have any pain at all with dd1 and not sure what is causing it, I googled round ligament pain but it said that is a short sharp pain when you change position wheras this comes on after time and is an strong ache other than a sharp pain, my bump tends to go hard too.

I'm wondering whether maybe it just needs some extra support and thought I'd ask if anyone had similar and did they work, also recommendations for any particular brand.


PatMullins Wed 19-Nov-14 13:31:27

No advice, but I am in the same position as you! Googling gets me as far as ligament pain and Braxton hicks, but I swear it wasn't this sore first time round!
Will be watching this thread for recommendations smile

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