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normal pain/discomfort?

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Newmom2b Tue 18-Nov-14 10:54:05

Like bra is too tight (which it could be?)...
I'm 31 weeks and have to keep lifting my bra up to releive the pain..... Is this normal or do I just need to get myself to m&s for q new bra......

juneavrile Tue 18-Nov-14 12:46:54

If the cups of your current bras still fit, just buy bra extenders from ebay, they're about a pound for one in each 3 standard colours - black, white and nude.

capecath Tue 18-Nov-14 13:06:35

Do they have underwire? If so, highly likely that's what's causing the pain. Find a nice comfy wireless bra in a bigger size!

Serafinaaa Tue 18-Nov-14 13:10:45

I'm 27 weeks and none of my bras felt comfortable until I got a Bravado body silk seamless bra. It really is the most comfortable bra. I've just bought another one. They come in sizes s,m,l and xl so you don't even need to know your specific size. The sizes covered in each size band are easily found online. I bought my most recent one from an online retailer 'from here to maternity' who had a discount on the bravado bras and I found their customer service to be excellent.

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