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When did you get your hospital bag ready?

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Newmom2b Mon 17-Nov-14 20:32:33

Just wondering really..... I have started to buy a few bits but just wondering when people start to get their bags ready? I'm 31 weeks, can't remember what I did with my first!

atticusclaw Mon 17-Nov-14 20:33:41

I though about it for weeks and then found that I was in labour and still hadn't managed to get around to it!

Eminybob Mon 17-Nov-14 20:36:14

Just hours before I went into labour at 37+4!

SoMuchForSubtlety Mon 17-Nov-14 20:37:39

36 weeks when one of my antenatal group had a prem baby and it all got a little real at that point!

splendiferous Mon 17-Nov-14 20:41:54

Had it ready for weeks beforehand but then didn't actually use any of its contents during labour as all happened so quickly.

babyblabber Mon 17-Nov-14 20:43:17

About 32 weeks on my first pregnancy.

About 36 weeks second time around.

This time I'm thinking after christmas do prob around 37/38 weeks.

Writemove Mon 17-Nov-14 20:45:55

About 32 weeks - so early that some of the snacks went off and we had to replace them smile

Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 17-Nov-14 20:49:11

I'm 34 weeks and have started buying what I need for it, and putting a few things into a bag, but haven't properly packed it. Hoping to have it done by 37!

ChickenMe Mon 17-Nov-14 20:55:31

I'm planning on sorting the basics by about 24weeks. Cos OH, last time he was asked to grab me a pair of socks, managed to bring the one pair I tend to avoid cos they are sweaty. So OHs can't be trusted to not bring loads of thongs,say, whdn what you want is Simon Cowell knickers.

Cullercoats88 Mon 17-Nov-14 21:03:09

I'm 30weeks and was planning on doing it about 35weeks!! X

ChineseFireball Mon 17-Nov-14 21:09:29

I'm 34 weeks and mine is mostly done...

whothefuckhas5children Tue 18-Nov-14 08:18:58

First dc about 37 weeks, dc2 4 hours before going into labour at 40+5, dc3 about 40 weeks, dc4 started getting tightenings at 38 weeks so packed an emergency beg that night cos they wanted me in. Just brought that topped up with clean clothes when dc4 arrived at 40+1. With this little one I'll prob do it about the 39 weeks (full of good intentions grin)

DefiniteMaybe Tue 18-Nov-14 08:21:40

At 39+1 when my blood pressure went up and I knew I wasn't getting my home birth. It's a good job I did she was born at 39+3 with a labour of 3 hours start to finish so wouldn't have had chance to pack in labour.

Pisghetti Tue 18-Nov-14 10:18:01

36 weeks with my first so it sat there taunting me for six weeks until I was eventually induced angry

saying that I'd do it at 36 weeks this time too smile (36+3 to be precise - I have some holiday to use up before mat leave)

TheBooMonster Tue 18-Nov-14 10:41:16

Last time I had the bag out and was putting things in and taking things out from about 30 weeks, but I wasn't that serious about it (midwife said first babies always go over so I was blissfully expecting to hit 42 weeks) as a result DH ended up packing it when I was in hospital after a growth scan worried the staff enough that they decided to give me steroids and induce me, and bless my DH he hadn't the first clue about what was needed, I had to send a bag of lingerie back and ask for tops and disposable knickers!

This time I already know what I want in there and I have a packing / shopping list on Google drive ready to share with him if things progress earlier than expected (the list has been ready since the 12 week scan because I still have nightmares about opening the bag last time), but I plan to start packing it when I go on holiday from work (about 30weeks) with a view to having it completely packed and ready by 36 weeks (I might be induced at 37 weeks and with my medical conditions could go into premature labour anyway)

Newmom2b Tue 18-Nov-14 10:50:01

Thanks all, really helpful.... I will start doing mine in the next couple of weeks.
With my first we were prepared with a packed bag but in the panic of my waters breaking before my elcs date (breech baby) we didn't take it into hospital and they did a emcs that night and my poor ds had to wear clothes from the prem baby unit! Lol

cheesecakemom Tue 18-Nov-14 19:22:51

I'm 33 weeks now and I think mine is ready. I just need another nightie and dressing gown to go in and I'm done ... I think.

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