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Question about after a c section

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juneavrile Mon 17-Nov-14 18:54:37

Do you need maternity pads? I see lots of hospital bag lists say to pack them, just wondered if that's the case if you have a c/s? And do you still need lots?

waceystills Mon 17-Nov-14 19:01:06

Yes you will need them as you will still loose blood after a c-section.

Good luck!

chickenstew74 Mon 17-Nov-14 19:02:27

Yes you will need lots.
Good luck!

ThatBloodyWoman Mon 17-Nov-14 19:05:19

Yes,and beware of where your knicker line sits.

Quitelikely Mon 17-Nov-14 19:07:19

Make sure you buy 'belly warmers' as you do not want your pants sitting in your scar area!

FeelingIrie Mon 17-Nov-14 19:12:48

Yes, and make sure you are wearing one the first time you get off the bed! I didn't think to, and it was a bit a bit of a horror show. Luckily a lovely healthcare assistant came and sorted me out and reassured me the loss was normal. I only bled for a few days but some women lose blood for a couple of weeks I think.

Good luck OP!

Fishstix Mon 17-Nov-14 19:16:56

Yes you will need them. I'd advise you take some mint tea too. Most painful part of my c section was the trapped wind afterwards and this was the only thing that helped!

KatoPotato Mon 17-Nov-14 19:18:08

Those maternity pads are also great for 'patting dry' your scar after bath etc and just having against it during the healing phase.

TheABC Mon 17-Nov-14 19:19:10

Yep. I would also recommend the world's largest granny knickers that will skim over your scar tissue and comfortable hug your poor belly!

flipwit Mon 17-Nov-14 19:20:44

Yes I had the normal 4-5 weeks bleeding with all of my CS. Take big big knickers! And don't look when they take the stitch out, doesn't hurt, just feels weeeird! also be prepared for a bruised tummy after some pushing and shoving. Do take music in if you can and ask for diamorphine, which I had with DC3, it was fab and I had fun looking at the plAcenta and cord afterwards confusedblush Good luck grin

BikeRunSki Mon 17-Nov-14 19:22:28

Yep, and the biggest pants you can find. I didn't bleed much after either of my csections though. Fairly light and stopped after a couple of werks. I was expecting gushing for 6 weeks!

Molotov Mon 17-Nov-14 19:23:15

I echo Feel in that I was not prepared for the literal blood-bath that poured from me when I stood up for the first time following my ELCS.

Apparently, it 'pools' within ypir body in those 24 hours or so that you are immobile. So, the loss you would normally see on a meternity pad just ... well .. pours out (IME, having has 1 ELCS).

All fine though smile Don't forget them, eh? grin

Molotov Mon 17-Nov-14 19:24:25

* awful spellings and type-o's there. MATERNITY, obviously ...

GaryShitpeas Mon 17-Nov-14 19:25:20

yes you will still need them

although IME you don't bleed loads, I have had 3x cs but not bled much at all, usually it has stopped after a week at most

BikeRunSki Mon 17-Nov-14 19:27:08

Also, take over-bump trousers/leggings or dresses. Under bump = on the scar.

Lizardc Mon 17-Nov-14 19:40:04

Oh yes you will need a TONNE of them! I bled for 5-6 weeks after both my c-sections. Oh yes and what Molotov said. Might not happen, but be prepared in case it does - gave me one heck of a shock the first time. Big knickers also a must!

And check your maternity unit policy on discharging you with decent painkillers. Mine doesn't, so I got a prescription ahead of time from my GP for diclaphenac (sp?) as there was no way ibuprofen and paracetamol were going to be enough!

MotherOfNations Mon 17-Nov-14 19:56:44

I found tena pads better than maternity pads. peppermint capsules are a must for the trapped wind. (if you get agonising pain in your shoulder don't panic, this is what it is) It was only when I had my 5th section that I thought to take some.

Ragwort Mon 17-Nov-14 20:02:15


The worse bit about my EMCS was being totally numb below the waist yet sensing I was losing a lot of blood - I asked a young nurse to pass me my pads but she put them at the bottom of my bed and I just couldn't reach them sad. - in my embarrassment I just didn't have the sense to ask her to move them closer.

Please be aware that it might be a problem just reaching them grin.

Ragwort Mon 17-Nov-14 20:03:08

Mother (great name grin) you must love children to have five sections shock. I stopped after one.

colafrosties Mon 17-Nov-14 20:08:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MotherOfNations Mon 17-Nov-14 20:49:33

I love babies. Such a shame that they have to grow up.
I've always longed for a natural birth but I've heard I'm not really missing anything.

GaryShitpeas Tue 18-Nov-14 09:52:35

me too motherof

I loved all my c sections, absolutely amazing experiences

other than the pain afterwards blush

juneavrile Tue 18-Nov-14 10:42:13

Crikey. This has taken me by surprise - glad (I think) that I asked. Big pants and mint tea packed too.
Thanks all.

LittlePink Tue 18-Nov-14 15:18:04

Yep as pp says I was not prepared for the amount of blood that poured out of me when I stood up after my section. I bled for 7 weeks but after a couple of weeks it was pink lochia and it tapered down to just needing panty liners but yes needed lots of maternity pads for the first few weeks. No one told me about big knickers which I had to work out for myself as smaller knickers rub on the scar and make it itch and uncomfortable. I've been in granny knickers for some time which is very unattractive but needs must lol!

Stubbed Tue 18-Nov-14 15:23:41

Actually I didn't bleed much on either of mine. I used one or two packs of sanitary towels per birth, no more.

You don't need maternity pads, any sanitary pads will do (maternity pads are longer but generally you don't have all that tearing with an ELCS).

You do need massive knickers though.

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