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Second trimester - tiredness

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ilovechops Mon 17-Nov-14 16:46:24

Pregnant with DC2 at 22wks now. Definitely a whole lot better than first trimester (terrible nausea, exhaustion and general feeling rough) but now although I don't feel Ill / sick I still feel really tired pretty much every day at some point, usually late afternoon. I sleep well although only 8 hours normally as can't fit anymore in! DD1 is almost 3, at nursery every morning and a couple of afternoons but I do all pick up and drop offs plus I work 3 days a week in an office based sat down job (quite low stress)

Is it normal to feel tired at this level? First pregnancy I was full of beans this time I just want to lie on sofa and let DD watch TV which I feel awful about but can hardly keep eyes open.

Any tips? Did wonder if I should get iron levels tested or anything. Diet is not bad, eat quite a lot of protein and probably 6-8 pieces of veg / fruit a day but maybe not paying a huge amount of attention to it and should be!

Can't imagine what third trimester will be like at this rate!

Innocuoususername Tue 18-Nov-14 16:13:19

Definitely get your iron levels checked, I was anaemic in both of my pregnancies by this point and it made me very tired. Also re the late afternoon slump, I was borderline diabetic in my second pregnancy and found that I felt much better if I tried to keep my blood sugar as level as possible - so low GI foods little and often rather than Haribo for lunch blush.

Hope it gets better, if it's any consolation you're more than half way now?!?

Artistic Tue 18-Nov-14 16:25:39

Despite having good iron levels, my energy was quite low was my second pregnancy. I started having 1 sachet of spatone as an iron supplement (recommended dose in pregnancy is 2). It did help me feel a bit more energetic. Also, the days I manged to swim, it boosted me quite well for 48 hours after which I was tired again.

I think the main difference between energy levels in the first & second pregnancy is not having the same kind of attention to diet & rest (owing to taking care of DC1) & sleep. I just kept my activities to the minimum & DD1 had a TV-fest 9 months long!!! grin

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