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2nd pregnancy Nerves

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Racheyg Mon 17-Nov-14 11:48:08

Hi all,
Im 12 weeks pregnant and havent seen midwife yet (have an appointment at the end of the week) and I dont know why I am so nervous. I am constantly worried about, is the baby fine, are there any problems what if I have a missed miscarriage. I had no problems with my first pregnancy, so I dont understand why I am feeling so nervous. I guess I will be more settled once I have had my dating scan (which is in 2 weeks). Anyone else feeling like this?


Emilyjane11 Mon 17-Nov-14 12:39:48

I am feeling like this. Constantly anxious something will or has gone wrong. Im 7+1 weeks and it's my first my first scan is on 23rd December so im just hoping and praying I can relax a bit more after that. I saw my midwife when I was 5 weeks which is really early but they just said they were quiet and asked me to come in there and then and all bloods have come back fine so fingers crossed. But I can't help but think negative thoughts about it someday a I get really excited and then almost feel bad for doing so which is ridiculous. I know how you feel but we both need to stay positive and enjoy this as much as we can smile let me know how you get on xx

Racheyg Mon 17-Nov-14 12:56:19

Hi Emily,
Congratulations on your pregnancy. I think I will feel better once I have had the scan and told people. It feels so long as I have know since 4 weeks.

Hope all goes well with your pregnancy how are you feeling otherwise? xx

smogsville Mon 17-Nov-14 14:02:08

Hi OP, I was the same. Have calmed down a bit now I'm 18 wks. No idea why the nerves, like you I had a problem free first preg. I hadn't read about all the things that could go wrong first time around so I just sailed blithely onwards. Sometimes knowledge definitely isn't power! Best of luck for your booking in and first scan.

ladyflower23 Mon 17-Nov-14 18:38:51

I have been the same. I am wondering if because things went so smooth last time I feel like I can't be that fortunate twice. Now am past 20 weeks I feel happier and enjoying it much more but will only stop holding my breath when healthy baby in my arms!

Emilyjane11 Mon 17-Nov-14 20:24:27

Congratulations to you too I have known since 4 weeks too but you are a lot further a long than me. I really wouldn't worry. Are you having symptoms? Im having nausea but no sickness and im very tired but that's about it, the only way I can describe it is i just feel off. Im thinking it's not enough symptoms which is silly x

ovaltine Mon 17-Nov-14 20:42:18

I've known since 4 weeks, had HG last time but its not been as severe this time (been on Pre emptive meds though so this had helped but still, expected to be puking a lot more!) I've got my scan tomoro (I'm 11 weeks) as I got them to bring forward as away when they'd booked it originally (would have been 14 weeks! Feel that's a bit late?) I'm so worried something has happened and that's why I'm not as bad, I know I'll feel better after tomoro. I hope!! Good luck girls x

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