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Morning sickness & miscarriage

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BelleJolie Mon 17-Nov-14 07:17:26

Hello. I'm currently 6+5 weeks pregnant. I have a three year old DS. In between this current pregnancy and my DS's, I had a miscarriage. The baby had stopped developing at approx 6 weeks but I didn't start miscarrying until 10 weeks. Needless to say, I've been a bit jittery this week, as it's the point my previous pregnancy became unsuccessful.

I have a question about morning sickness. With DS, I had terrible morning sickness that kicked in at about 6 weeks. With the miscarriage, I didn't have any morning sickness at all. Looking back, it makes sense that I didn't as the baby stopped developing when it would have kicked in.

I've been desperately hoping MS will kick in with this pregnancy to reassure me all is well but it hasn't yet. I'm starting to get a bit worried.

Now, I know it is perfectly possible to have a healthy pregnancy with no morning sickness, and plenty of women do, so that's not really my question. What I'm keen to know is, is it possible to have bad MS in your first pregnancy and less/none in subsequent pregnancies and that still be ok? I'm keen to hear from anyone who's had this. I was so sick with my son, I just can't imagine not having MS again (hope I'm making sense)

I have an early reassurance scan booked in for next week but I can't help worrying in the meantime!


GotToBeInItToWinIt Mon 17-Nov-14 07:26:46

Every single pregnancy is different. Just because you had morning sickness with one (successful) pregnancy doesn't mean you will have it with another successful pregnancy! My mum had horrendous sickness with my brother and none at all with me. Good luck with your reassurance scan. Early pregnancy is such am anxious time and I'm sure it's much much worse when you've had a previous loss thanks

FluffyJawsOfDoom Mon 17-Nov-14 09:35:35

I had it the other way round - no sickness with baby 1, lots this time round. Each pregnancy is different, try not to worry x

Sarkymare Mon 17-Nov-14 09:37:02

Yep its perfectly possible to have MS in one pregnancy and not another. My SIL has three children. She had awful sickness all the way through with the first, none with the second and only a bit of nausea for a few weeks with the third. MIL also had HG with one child and no sickness at all with another.

Don't forget every woman and every pregnancy is different.

Also don't forget that there is plenty of time for MS to rear its ugly head yet.

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Mon 17-Nov-14 14:42:26

I'm in a similar situation but different.

I have a 3yo and miscarried earlier this yr too - I had bad sickness with my 3yo and not with the one I lost, which like you I started mis carrying at 10 weeks but it had stopped developing at just over 6.

Anyway I'm now 11 weeks into this pregnancy and have been very sick again. I had a reassurance scan at 8 weeks and saw a heartbeat, sickness is still raging so I think (hope) all is progressing well.

But the stories above show that really anything can happen and that all pregnancies are different. Just wanted to add my story - hope it doesn't worry you. As a pp said, there is plenty of time for it to kick in!

Also, a friend of mine wasn't sick with her 3yo, then recently had a mmc and she was very sick with that one - so who knows.

Fingers crossed for you , and hope time passes quickly until your reassurance scan. Stats are on your side remember - one MC doesn't mean this one is any less likely to succeed. Take it easy x

RainyLion Mon 17-Nov-14 15:33:07

I'm in exactly the same position. Had MS with dd but none with my previous pregnancy that I had a MMC at 11 weeks. I'm going to be jumping for joy the first time I'm sick in this pregnancy! Only 5 weeks though. Don't think I was sick until 7 weeks with dd. I think an early scan is a good idea, im going to have one too. Good luck!

ILiveOnABuildsite Mon 17-Nov-14 15:46:38

I'm sorry you are feeling worried. I don't know if this will reassure you but with my first successful pregnancy (I had two miscarriages before dd aged 3 was born and one before current pregnancy) I had no morning sickness at all, not even food aversion or anything, with this pregnancy (now 18 weeks) I was sick as a dog, couldn't keep food down and no appetite because I knew it would make me sick, all I could drink was water. I know it's the other way around from your experience but it does goes to show that you could easily have two very different pregnancy and both pregnancy be perfectly healthy.

I know easier said than done but try not to worry too much. All my miscarriages were around the 6-7 weeks mark, I had a few symptoms with one of them which suddenly stopped which is what tipped me off and no symptoms other than a BFP with the other two. Even all my miscarriages were different from one another.

Fingers cross for you that all is well.

Foxeym Mon 17-Nov-14 16:06:22

Hi I have had 3DCs and they have all been different, from verging on HG with my first all the way through to just nausea from weeks 7-13 with DC3. So in answer to your question, in my experience yes they can all be different

eastcoastmum2014 Mon 17-Nov-14 16:06:41

Hi I'm so sorry about what happened to you,

If it helps my sister in law had terrible morning sickness with both her pregnancy's, one was successful (she has a healthy one year old DS) and one ended in miscarriage at 9 weeks. I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and am yet to throw up even once. I spent the first 12 weeks worrying there was something wrong with me! - I did however have horrid bloating and I was burping all the time haha!! And I know my mum had vomiting with my brother but not with me and were both fine! All pregnancy's are different, try not to worry (easier said than done I know).

I hope all works out with your little bean and you have a peaceful pregnancy x

Shelduck Mon 17-Nov-14 16:24:42

Yes. I was just like you - I had 1 mmc with little MS, and then 1 successful pregnancy with much more MS. So this time round, like you, I was very jittery about the fact that I didn't have much MS, but it's a perfectly healthy pregnancy, now 23 weeks on. Just enjoy the fact that your MS is better this time! Best of luck - hope all goes well.

WhyOWhyWouldYou Mon 17-Nov-14 16:52:18

I had it the opposite way around. DS no real morning sickness but some slight nausea if I didn't eat often enough, mmc (development stopped at 6weeks but didn't bleed until 12weeks, followed by my current pregnancy (im currently26 weeks) where I've been very nauseous, randomly get violently sick, headaches, trapped wind, etc.

So yes every pregnancy is different and not being sick this time doesn't mean there is anything wrong. I do get how worrying it must be though, I was really anxious and worried even with all my sickness this time.

BelleJolie Mon 17-Nov-14 21:02:45

Thank-you ladies flowers. You've made me feel better. Good luck with all your pregnancies!

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