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Bleeding in very early pregnancy?

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onestepforwardtwentystepsback Sun 16-Nov-14 16:28:17

I am very confused and hope someone can help. I last had a period from the 10th-14th October. I had sex from the 24th October throughout what would have been my most fertile time, and the last relevant time was 31st October. I expected my period to arrive any time from the 6th November. It didn't and I tested on the 8th and 10th and got negative. I then started getting pink CM on the 12th and then it went light brown. On the 14th, I bled bright red for a few hours and also got a very faint positive. Yesterday, I had red cm. None of this is like my normal period. Today, I have an even fainter positive. Saw my GP on Weds - review of my depression, following horrible miscarriage nearly a year ago - and explained. She wants to do a test with me but I'd just been to the loo (helpfully). She said a home test might not show up yet and to wait till this week (hadn't yet had any positive).

But now it's showing positive, what on earth could be going on? Googling myself crazy as none of the dates or anything make any sense and I'm so scared of getting my hopes up and then having them smashed again.

Thanks for any thoughts.

sarahc131013 Sun 16-Nov-14 17:22:54

i was told at the begining of a pregnancy it is very common to have a little bleed around the time that you would have a perioud. it is also very un common to get a positive if u r not preg but more common to get a negotive if you are. i hope this helps a little xx

Sarkymare Sun 16-Nov-14 18:30:59

Women can and do bleed during early pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies. I wouldn't exactly say it is common, but it isn't rare either. I'm sorry to say but a lot of the time bleeding is a sign of MC, but as I said this isn't always the case.

Do you have another appointment booked to check your blood? They should be able to see if HCG has risen or not since today.

onestepforwardtwentystepsback Sun 16-Nov-14 19:20:29

Thank you both. I am hoping to get a blood test this week. I'm just so confused about all the negatives after my period was late. If I have decidual bleeding, would that account for HCG levels building up late or is that a myth? I thought tests were really accurate from early on.

onestepforwardtwentystepsback Mon 17-Nov-14 20:28:38

They won't do a blood test unless I see my GP sad

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