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Help, what to do?

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SpoonBender Sat 15-Nov-14 22:41:00

I think I've just found out I'm pregnant?! I'm on the pill but missed a few in the previous pack as am rubbish at taking them. Took a test just to rule out and be sure and there is a second worry is I've still been taking my pill so do I just stop taking it now? Will it cause me to bleed as normally a couple of days after stopping the pill I have a bleed? I'm so confused and worried. Thanks

blackwidow74 Sat 15-Nov-14 23:53:20

As far as I can remember it will do no harm to have been taking the pill after fall ingredients pregnant (I myself have 2 'pill babies') and stopping should not trigger a period ... you may get a light bleed when you are 'due on' ... I had full blown periods for 4 months into pregnancy!! My advice would be to continue until Monday when you can call gp and get pro advice smile

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