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Anyone with previous pre-eclampsia?

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BrambleBee Sat 15-Nov-14 21:26:32

Hello, just wondering if anyone had a previous pregnancy with pre-eclampsia and what your experience was with later pregnancies. Did it reoccur or did you go to full term and if so was baby a healthy weight?

I developed PE with ds1 at 36 weeks and was induced. He weighed 3lbs 13 oz and was in SCBU for a couple of weeks.

Currently 22 weeks with dc2 and things seem ok so far but baby is a bit on the small side. Trying not to worry but hoping this isn't a sign things are going badly already.

Syd35 Sun 16-Nov-14 13:47:19

Hi, I am the same as you, had it with first pregnancy (at just over 39 weeks) and ended up with an emergency section. Bit anxious in-case it reoccurs this time but have been assured by midwife that they will keep an extra eye on me this time.

Have you been getting more checks etc?

I have heard of quite a lot of people who had it first time but went on to have subsequent normal pregnancies so let's hope all will be well.

Good luck.

Katnipp Sun 16-Nov-14 14:05:30

Hi in second pregnancy and had very bad pe in first. Have you seen consultant? I've been on blood thinners since 13 weeks and had Doppler scan at 23 weeks to check blood flow. Unfortunately for me it's not good so now very high risk for repeat problems. However I'm having growth scans every 2 weeks and seeing consultant after. Are you getting extra moniotoring? I was told the Doppler gives them good idea of repeat risk and level of moniotoring and care for 24 weeks plus was based on results of this.

Mummytogoldie Mon 17-Nov-14 03:55:08

I had pre eclampsia with dd1, she was born at 35 weeks by emergency section. No pre.eclampsia with dd2 but did have gestational diabetes with dd2 which was found early at 14 weeks and was controlled by metformin, interestingly there can be a kink between gestational diabetes causing pre eclampsia if not controlled so I always wonder if I had it unknown with dd1. I am currently ttc baby no 3 and this time with a new partner, so I am very nervous about getting it again as the risk is higher with different partners

TotallyKerplunked Mon 17-Nov-14 12:24:20

Hi, I was going to start a similar thread as I'm currently 14 weeks with DC2 and want to prepare myself for what may happen this time, I have a lot of the risk factors (age, previous PE, high BMI, existing high BP, borderline diabetes)

I developed pre-clampsia at 31 weeks with DC1 and was monitored heavily and managed to hold off delivery until 39 weeks. Currently I have appointments coming out of my ears so it is being taken seriously by the HCPs but I've been told I'd either get it earlier and it would be more severe or I'd get it later and it would be more mild. I feel in limbo.

Alyx80 Mon 17-Nov-14 12:45:55

I had eclampsia with my first, my BP started creeping up at 28 weeks and he was delivered at 34 weeks.
I'm now on #4 and haven't had it again but have had issues with high BP each time. Both #2&3 were born at 37 weeks as I started to show signs that things may go wrong - protein in urine etc.
My BP has started rising by 20 weeks each time and I was on medication second time but not since and have been closely monitored with scan and fortnightly/weekly BP checks. I'm nearly 31 weeks now and they're aiming for 39 weeks again but we'll see - I also have gestational diabetes which complicates things a bit!

BrambleBee Mon 17-Nov-14 13:46:45

Sid & Katnipp, yes I'm being monitored more closely, growth scan every 4 weeks and BP and protein check every fortnight. They haven't mentioned Doppler but assume that will be done at the growth scan? I'm really nervous about the scans as baby did seem small on the 20week scan so I'm worried it's started already and that at one of these appointments they'll find something and it will be déjà Vu all over again!

I never had high BP with ds1, though consultant thinks I would have developed it if pregnancy went on for longer. Just had small baby, protein and low platelets.

I'm also taking aspirin once a day, not sure if there's anything else I can do, which is frustrating, but feel guilty every time is eat something vaguely unhealthy or get stressed at work in case it's increasing my risk in any way.

I hadn't heard about the link with gestational diabetes before, sorry that's adding extra complications for you Alyx, hope you manage to get to 39 weeks without it becoming an issue x

Vinylux Mon 17-Nov-14 13:55:19

A very eminent consultant obstetrician told me that PE is generally
"a disease of first pregnancy". Anecdotally, I certainly know very few people who have had it in second and subsequent pregnancies after having it first time round.

LineRunner Mon 17-Nov-14 14:00:49

I had PE in both first and second pregnancies.

The good news is that although it was worse in the second, and my DS was induced at 35 weeks, he was 5lb and he was fine. He didn't even need any particular special care - just warmth.

Katnipp Mon 17-Nov-14 14:34:53

Think Doppler may need separate scan but worth asking at next appointment. Same machine but mine was done by consultant and only blood flow checked. Growth scans have all been separate.

From what different consultants have said risk of reoccurring can be linked to reason for pe. Mine was due to placenta failing (so had a very small baby but given genes on both sides of family small is normal!).

There is nothing else you can do. I'm only coping by making sure I take medication prescribed and have all the monitoring on offer. I can't do any more and being too anxious will be far worse for me and baby! (Although that is easier said than done).

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